My opinion after Banging 113 ladies.

I lost my virginity exactly 12 years ago while in form 4, well i remember to a certain brown skin kale Mboch called Anna, story for another day.
Since then i have banged all kinds of ladies as you guys may wish to categorise; i have tasted pink, black, Purple, big lips, small lips, no lips, shaved, unshaved pussies.
I have banged almost half of them raw, thankfully i never got the incurable just a few treatable sti’s.
I’ve fucked, campus chics, sugar mummies, Career women, Vienyiji, Slay Queens, Whores pale SJ. White women, and Like 4 celebrities (Evidence Available on demand).
I have explored all sex styles, body shapes and locations; Clubs Washroom, Strip clubs, Office, Car, Brothel ata pale Karura Forest, i have even taken the risk of fucking like 3 women in their marital beds(almost caught once pale west park police residence langata)
Anyways, My conclusion as i hang my whoring boots and getting married this December is that there is no better pussy as the one you just fucked, all pussies are almost the same. It’s just this notion we men have that the next pussy that you haven’t tasted is sweeter.


I beg to differ. There is clean pussy, smelly pusay, tight pussy, loose pussy, dry pussy, well lubricated pussy. Pussy holders matter a lot too. There is that pussyholder who looks like a bro, there is a cute one, there are ones who are as dumb as rocks, there are highly intelligent ones.

That said, I will settle the day I find a beautiful, highly intelligent pussyholder with a clean, tight and well lubricated pussy.

How do you people keep a tab of your body count? Kweni mnakuanga na kitabu mumeamdika majina?

I honestly don’t know my body count.
Nikijaribu kehasabu naeza jipata nimeenda mbali sana.

Kama mimi nlianza kutomba madem nikiwa primary school ata sio form 4. That was almost 20 years ago.

This weekend alone I have fuucked 3 different women. Nikianza ku-hesabu body count naona ni kama nitaenda kwa shetani.

people love people, not people’s private parts.


Why do clowns always think that fuaking a celeb is a big deal?They have the biggest dirtiest entitled poosies on the planet. A celeb will want you to go down on her juu yeye ni celeb na hajaoga.Maybe hata ametoka kunyanduliwa saahio hio na hufai ku question juu ni celeb.

@Agwambo @Nipe Nikusifu @Investorde and @poyoloko are not celebrities.

ilisemekana kwa the old testament kitu kama hii inakuja na hekaya

I remember once I met a lanye pale SJ, the girls was young, very beautiful, tight poosie, medium size figure 8, after banging her once, I become addicted to that poosie, several rematch followed, even I once thought of domesticating the girl, but I came back to my senses and reffered to chapter 5 of kijiji constitution “Kunguru hawezi fugwa”.

What a wasted opportunity…ungefugia villagers huyu so that instead of sj they just get her from your house…very convenient.

The truth: All pussies are almost the same. They all lead to one thing, kumwaga.

Mecho ndio hudanganya.

I have always said, 90% of sex happens in the mind, hio ingine ya mjuluz in and out is just a physical aspect…but the actual thing happens in the mind…

Ukishajua huo ukweli, wanawake wanaacha kuwa na maana. Sahi i have two female employees, tudem tumeshtand lakini siwezi wajaribu wataniletea tu hasara

Eish rookie numbers

The brain is the biggest sex organ…wachana na mjuluz whether toothpick or big cassava oooh

Bila mbisha…

Not in this lifetime. Most beautiful pussy holders are dumb as fuck. Most beautiful pussy holders get banged a lot so story ya tight sahau. Basically, you are looking for a needle in a haystack.

Ulipata kaswende ukiwa number ngapi,kama hujui then ni jaba chronicles

Happens too commonly. Was also.once under the spell of a jaluo lanye niliokota Egesa ya umoja. She was cheap and wasnt too demanding. Hakuwa greedy kama lanye wengine. That pussy was addictive. Ilifika time nilikuwa naendea kuma kwake in total disregard of the constitution. Came back to my senses when she started getting emotional mpaka ananinunulia nguo na viatu na kunipigia kuniuliza nimeshindaje.
One other time was also captured by a kao lanye named Anne Kavindu. Ilianza na kulipana but I don’t know how it transformed to friends with benefits. Ile mnakutana, drinks kidogo na kanyama then off to kunyanduana ya kimataifa.