my new neighbour (Lupita) 2

Some time back I told you of my neighbor (Lupita with a big ass) , the short story is, this mama moves into the house next door, I help her settle in, a day later she comes over, we mess around kidogo and she offers me goodies. After that I asked her if she’s in a relationship and she was like NO, so for the last many weeks since January she has offered me a convenient spot to empty my balls and it has been an amazing run, the unsaid agreement is, we are neighbors with benefits. It was all good until some guy turned up at her place and it turns out it’s the fiance, and they have been engaged for a long time, long before she moved next door. I am outraged. Why would she keep me in the dark about this. The guy is a very amiable and decent fellow, we have become fast friends and since he is on leave he sometimes comes over to my place and we piga story,I feel bad for him. The thing is if you are in a long distance kind of thing with your woman you should accept the fact that she is going to dish out the goodies to a hyena a like me. Women get thirsty too.

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ok, what kind of person visits the house of the neighbour to the girl friend just kupiga story, ama mimi ndio anti-social?


You have BALLS! Unapiga risto na yeye na unajua umeweka alama ya tarimbo kwa dame yake… ningekua nimehama kitambo sana.


[CENTER]This story makes me so sad. Some things you dont have to say them. Not when you dont know how emotionally wrecking it can be. Na.feel vibaya yaani ni ka mimi ndo niliyekosewa.

You so misty’d my eyes


[CENTER][SIZE=3]Dad, its me, #LegsOpen[/SIZE][/CENTER]

Since he is also your neighbour, he must want benefits as well


Wacha tu :D:D

I thought friends with benefits…you take the benefits offered bila kuuliza na maswali mengi…or getting judgmental


Eiyawa Lupita, @jerrydubiz kwani ulikua unaona ushaoa nene mimi sipendi kuswaga neighbor, it normally brings issues nyingi sana, stop complaining since the relation was symbiotic and everyone has his and her choice, freedom na maisha unless ni bibi yako

@jerrydubiz the “decent fellow” is just trying to figure out where to stash your suicide note.


Unbwa wewe. Ulishapata slices zako, shida yako ni nini sasa? tembeza makende. ION, if that nigga is your friend as you claim, tafuta an opportune moment muongee mundu khu mundu umwambie tabia za mpenzi wake. He might be grateful to you for the rest of his life.
One time nimeona jamaa mwingine mgeni mtaani na dame fulani tuliwahi pitia na mabeshte wengine mtaani. This chick was fine but would dish it to anyone. kwanza akiwa amelewa. For about a month, the nigga would come home pub yetu na huyu dame wakiwa malovey dovey mbaya. Guys would exchange knowing looks na kucheka kichini chini. We had to sit the nigga down to drum some sense into him(bro code) only to realise hata walikuwa wanaplan kuoana. Jamaa kupata taarifa, weekends bill ya nyama na pombe ilikuwanga kwake. Ile ya magreb sijui ningekuwa wapi bila nyinyi.


Haki si ata mih nionekaniwe siku moja nipate hii maisha ya matalkers… kwangu mtu hunibishia mlango ni jamaa wa kukata stima


reminds me nikianza maisha some few years back. There was this teacher in her early 20s, hakua mbaya sana n she seems really interested in me
so she invites me over for supper n being pregnant with expectations nikabeba some cds…
after supper tumekaa tukichekacheka namkiss kidogo anakubali akikataa. AND THEN I SAW IT…
There was some dirty cloth basket in the
midst of which sitting comfortably was a streaked underpant, yaani ata haikua streaked it had a healthy strip of sm yellow-greenish stuff na tungozi twa maindi…
I mst probably looked at it for a few seconds bt it felt lyk I had been staring at it for the last 2 week’s nikamwabia ‘achana na mimi’…n took off scarred for life
a few weeks later sm frnd of myn akaanza kumkula: Nikamwambia alenge story za huyo mwalimu, he asked me why n the only reply I could give was ‘utaumwa na tumbo’…


Could you be gay? How do you tell a lady awachane na wewe na hujakula vitu?

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Start by being social Father. Sasa ukiingia plot ukiwa na stone face, who will notice you?

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U have disclosed too many details in a public forum, what if the nigga is a talker

Phew. That guy dodged a bullet.

yaani ladies vile wanaongelewa hapa…mkipewa nunu virahisi mnacomplain…mkipewa after a long wait…mnacomplain…mkiwekwe friendzone na unyimwe…mnacomplain…mkiambiwa mnunnue…mnanunua lakini baada ya hapo mnakuja hapa ku complain…sasa si muokoke tu


some folks are naturally stone faced,hata akismile it wont change.

You lower your dignity when you eat your neighbours. …nyeki ya jaa ndirikaga. .@ kawambui translate