My Much Awaited A- in ‘94 Opinion on the Tigray Conflict in Ethiopia

The Tigrays have issued a nonsensical 7 point ceasefire pre-condition.

And it’s clear they simply want to secede.

The constitution allows them to do so. However, they were in power since 1991. Now that a non-Tigray Abiy is in power, they do not want to be ruled by other nationalities. That is selfish and unacceptable. They must stop that entitlement to rule culture.

Tigray controlled Ethiopia for 30 yrs now they call other Ethiopians Amhara. The war should continue humanitarian organizations will make Ethiopia divide. Tigray should be silenced by Ethiopia army

Silence them completely

Continue fighting with what?


I wonder if the Ethiopian troops were unmotivated or what ? that come back was swift ! I do agree the tigray are just selfish , plus they threw they 1st blow !

On the one hand they cry to the world to do something about the Ethiopian government’s “ethnic cleansing”, while on the other they keep provoking the federal government. Hawa wasihurumiwe, wafinywe kabisa.

I see a ‘handchieth’ being the only way out of the conflict. Just like the 2007 dispute in Kenya.

Shove the opinion in your piggy a$$

It’s a trap,you can’t defeat the government.The Ethiopian government was increasingly coming under scrutiny,it decided to cede some ground so that when it strikes…the war ends according to its terms.

Tigrays na nyinyi Alshaitan tofauti ni gani?

Both mnasumbua serkal.

Yeah. Defeating a government iliishia 1980s.