My MGTOW uncle was discharged from hospital but is still stuck there because there is no one to take care of him

He suffered a stroke and was admitted. All his “pre-wall soft meats” disappeared after he got sick. And all his relatives have refused to take him in and care for him coz they say he wasted his life on women and pombe. So relatives wameanza a whatasapp group to raise funds to hire a nurse for him so that the nurse can take care of him in his rented house. @Karoga hii maneno ya MGTOW ni ngumu and a burden to society. If he had a wife and kids they would be taking care of him instead of kusumbua relatives.

Shida iko hapa “So relatives wameanza a whatasapp group to raise funds to hire a nurse for him”…what is his net worth??

He spent all his money on pre wall soft meats and single malt whisky. And mercedes.

He who finds a wife(sisemi lanye!),finds a good thing!:):):):slight_smile:

Exactly. If he had a wife and no money bado angekuwa na hii shida. The answer is money not marriage.

Ange kuwa na 500 million kama hawa hustler CSs’, akina Mudvd, Kuria, ange kuwa na hiyo shida ya relatives.
Infact ange hire hot nurses who milks him every now and then. Na pesa ya rental bado inaingia kukava expenses.

Sounds like a man who has truly lived his life.
Willing to bet he got no regrets.

With proper financial management as I work hard fatten my wallet, nini itanizuia mimi AMG MGTOW kupatia a cute Taita nurse kazi halafu ananinyonya mboro for extra money while I am on my deathbed?[ATTACH=full]473674[/ATTACH]

My maternal grandpa has one living brother, an older brother. Dude must be over 100years because my grandpa is now 95. Now this dude was a proper MGTOW. Had good jobs and worked in States from his 40s to 70s when he became sickly and relocated back…He had enough savings and had nurses taking care of him…then in his 90s pesa ikapungua …nurses had to go and he was now all alone…he had to move in with my grandpa,yaani his bro…and my cousins are the ones literally taking care of him…that’s one huge advantage of the African extended families

lakini nukifika 70 nini engine unatafuta kwa hii dunia?

You realise the likes of orengo and nyongo are now 70…siku hizi 70 watu bado wana nguvu bana. Juzi I was surprised an uncle of mine is 71, jamaa anakaa kijana na alioa a 30 something last year after wife wake adedi na washapata mtoto tayari. My old man is now 64 yet dude doesn’t even have white hair na bado anafanya works na gava.

Yea a short but sweet life.not bad. hangetoka hosi he should have signed for daktari to not resuscitate him aende aende

lol death bed porn? never heard of it


Easier said…fika huko ndio tujue

kabisa. nikifika level siwezijitegemea nafanya ivo.

utaskiaje kupanguzwa mafwi juu huwezijifanyia kitu kama hiyo

I like it . very brave

Njoo twende bamburi nikuchimbue migodi huku nikikuchumba

very messy . 100% not worth it