My lovely Ktalk ladies.

Please be checking your breasts from time to time.

My Sister in-law developed some swelling which refused to go away for almost six months, last week it was diagnosed to be cancerous, just been to Aga Khan Hospital to check on her, the left breast has been removed.

Better still, we can be doing the checking for because we care.


poleni sana…sisi we are always very vigilant with breast cancer…its the guys im worried about…do you know they have as equal chances of getting breast cancer as ladies…naona mambo ya prospate check up walikataa kabisa


Actually some of us are very much aware of that and I occasionally check my nipples. From today I will be doing it more regularly coz incase of anything I have no breasts for the cancer to eat, it will go to the heart direct.

hakuna cancer ya heart. your heart cannot be affected by cancer


you don’t check the nipples bwana…get a medic to show you how to do it properly…pole about your sis…

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Prostate cancer ndio inanistua, can’t allow to be probed huko nyuma.

@Luther12 can one get a lump just 5 months after breastfeeding?

Pole sana Murogi and family.

Its important to be tested.

fate and darwins law of natural selection

Dr. Luther should teach us how to do that ourselves.

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When I was a teen I had a lump in my right breast but it disappeared after a few years I never paid much attention to it but I should have

first what were u doing looking for at your Sister in-law breast in order for you to know dat

A nice read for our men in the village

I refuse to be fingered and I will not be felt up,why won’t these doctors take no for an answer?

seriously though, guys. check yourself, both chesticles and testicles…

pole mundu mulosi…wish her a quick recovery

pole buda tulizwa na hii

Ati atia kuna cancer ya makende, Dr Luther na t. m kujeni.