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There was also a Pajevo. I always wanted one.

What’s a Pajevo??

Pajero Evolution.


izi vitu hua reliable kweli? those who have it, what is the experience? frequent breakdowns?

They’re very slow like canter trucks. hata ukiwa na corolla mzee you just need to hoot and the slow pajero will slowly give way.
Now a prado driver on the other hand…

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but considering the sizeable number of KAA, KAC Pajeros still on Kenyan roads today it must mean that the vehicle is reliable. (Though quite slow.)
Especially ukiona gari hata mzungu anaendesha then it must be a good product. But I’m mostly talking about the old pajeros. The one’s that still take serious abuse like carrying napier grass in the village.


i Have seen a Mzungu with a defender, a few odieros with L32 & L33 Rangies and other orange odieros with Disco 3s & 4s, which means they must be very hardy vehicles… actually kulikua na mwingine alivunja record juzi, he was pushing a freelander…


Baraza of nation says the pajero will break in half. although he does exaggerate sometimes he says he prefers the prado:

It’ a nice car, apart from guzzling , and if well maintained , you good to go.

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This is what Baraza has to say about the Pajero vs Prado,

So, Pajero vs. Prado:

Performance: Depends on the engine, but pound-for-pound, the Pajero edges ahead slightly.

This is mostly because of its monocoque chassis, which greatly improves handling and road-holding.

The Prado feels like a boat in a mildly tempestuous sea.

Durability: The Prado, no doubt. The car can take a lot of abuse without breaking.

The Pajero will break, literally.

I have had a word with several drivers, all of whom deride the Pajero’s fragility.

One is the chauffeur of a permanent secretary, and he says he has been through more than three Pajeros in the recent past.

For some reason, the body splits along the B pillar after some months of hard usage, and if you insist on flogging it, you might end up with the car in two pieces.

Monocoques, eh?

Off-road capability: Again the Prado has the Pajero socked right in the jaw.

The monocoque chassis of the Pajero places it at a slight disadvantage when it comes to ground clearance, and if you opt for the models with a tow-bar, you will not like it off road.

Besides the lower clearance, the rear overhang is quite long, so off-roading it is like off-roading a school bus.

The back end will always scrape the ground the moment you try cresting a steep slope from level ground.

Finally, yes, diesel-powered Shoguns are available.


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could he be more wronger with that w124 post… uuuwii.
First of he did not mention the 103 FD’s and the powerful 104s, 111 Kompressors and their mother the 119 v8

’ it could have been an early example, and early examples of mechanical bits tend to serve a quietly unacknowledged prototypical role in any model line-up.’
Does he know the OM Engines don’t die and can actually be fueled na mafuta ya chipo na kuku samaki?

the m111 's only headache is the harness which degrades every 10 years… other than that, pretty solid car, may outlive your grandmother…
he should researched who bruno sacco is and which was the most over engineered mercedes to leave production? what were the opinions of the taxi drivers who used them for over a decade in Europe?

That dude is just a good writer with very good descriptive reporting/writing skills, superficial research abilities and well… love for motoring… si ati he is the Jesus Christ of motoring…

Back to the Paj…
go for something else, don’t like it just because they are lookers…


there’s a small clique of bush loving 4*4 enthusiasts in .Ke Bundu sth…

I would love to hear what they have to say about the Paj’s offroading, reliability and maintenance… never owned one so i will not hate/ Stereotype

Shitty Driving to blame…

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Just to drive my point home… how many Paj’s did you count from that IG handle?
are those guys aware of the Paj’s throne with the dakar rally?