My letter of Love to Akothee

I love luo ladies, the men not so much. Except Baba bcz Baba is Baba and Baba ni wetu sisi sote. What’s not to love? They are boisterous. They are the epitome of the black strong woman. These women can make you laugh at a funeral. I love Akothee. I love her loudness. Just like Nyako. Luo mamas just take the cake.

Akothee you are a role model to so many women. Single, child free women like me, single mothers, married women leaving abusive husbands and even happily married women. Who doesn’t want to be a boss lady? Those struggling to lose weight, Akothee makes the toughest things look like a walk in the park.

So mama, you mean a lot to us. ALOT. We can’t afford to lose you. I understand your need for love, I mean what great person hasn’t been a sucker for love. Cupid is a ruthless chap. You have had alot of nervous breakdowns and it’s time to heal. In your 40s if you can’t be healthy mentally it’s getting abit late in the day. Mental health is really important and sleep is so important that it can cause your whole life to collapse. I been there. After you are through, you understand that all the shit you are sweating isn’t worth your happiness and peace and mental health.

You can see a 50k therapist, is great but really you need to make peace with your past and only you can do that for yourself. Mama you have been through so so much that I don’t even feel qualified to advise you but I know from the little trauma in my past that the past can just take on a life of its own and you forget what a privilege it is to be alive, to be healthy, to have people who love you and can do anything for you.

I’ve been to the heartbreak motel a couple of times and there’s that morning when you wake up after a long time grieving and the weight has lifted and you smile and you hear the birds chirping and you love the sunshine. Then you realise that you are past the storm, past the winter. Mama Bear hibernated through the pain and made it through. To the other side.

Its at that moment that you realize that the past really is a bucket of ashes. It’s also at that moment that you realize that you have grown and you are the new and improved Kienyeji. You also realise that metamorphosis happens most during the most painful phases of your life.

Mama being busy won’t shield you from your trauma, ati I have an empire to guard. No. You are the empire. So guard you. Take care of you. If this bad man problem keeps recurring then you need to put them to rest. You need to understand why YOU always attract these bad men, what is the trauma that needs to be resolved by dating, marrying, baby daddying these horrible men?

Do you know that you must get to the point where you love you so so much that you are not overlooking red flags and keep going back to men and even women, who you know are not good for you. Maturity is really learning that you can love some one to death but love yourself more and you will always choose yourself over anyone.

I know the pressure to settle in marriage is real for women but who is giving you this pressure? Will you throw yourself under the bus to impress people who don’t even care about you? The people who love you, really, really love you, will still love you no matter what. They think that you are awesome just the way you are, they are not waiting for you to marry for them to love you. It’s the other useless people who wouldn’t pee on you if you are on fire. Are they worth tryna to impress? Your guess is as good as mine.

Finally let me say in the lingo of the wahenga, wanaume ni hasidi na hasidi hana sababu. Please protect yourself from men. You are not strong enough to keep taking hit after hit from men. No woman is. All the men in your life have traumatised you and you have been nothing but such a good person to them. Your European and Luo baby daddies, your boyfriends, you may not be able enunciate it but nobody likes to be used. It hurts. It breaks you. It can give you cancer. It can kill you. STOP. No more being the bigger person. No more super woman. If you can’t shut this shit show down for you. Do it for your daughters. Do it for us. We still need you. This drama with men will kill you. I’ve seen women half my age die because of toxic relationshits. It’s you to put an end to it. You are such an amazing woman. I can’t even find your book. It’s always sold out. I am just praying for you to understand that you are complete in Christ and you don’t need to be with horrible people to prove a point that you can keep a man. You have proved yourself above and beyond. Now, take care of yourself and be happy for a change. I don’t know what happened to you guys as kids but even your sis Cebbie Koks is in an abusive marriage. Please face your trauma. Stop running into the wrong arms. You are my role model. You are GOALS. Love you so much sis. Get better soon.

I thought the white man is the savior. what happened, :grinning:

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@TrumanCapote Akothee is a content creator. Haikuwa real. Haikuwa registered na registrar wa marriages hapa Kenya. Mlinaswa.

You are talking shit about junguus now? I’m warning you, respect the people who lend your broke country money. Usitukane wakunga na uzazi ungalipo.

Sasa nani asome hii upuzi yote

That’s all good but ION, it takes two to tango. Some corruption from Africa’s political elite and some junguu time: