My kind of girl

Usually, she has:

  1. Nice, established boobs (not too big, not loose, just perky)
  2. Nice, established ass (again, not too big, in fact, I prefer below average-size ass, as long is it is tight, round and noticeable)
  3. Nice legs (am a legs guy, and my girls must shine when in mini skirts… legs should show some muscle, so not fat, but not thin, strictly no stretch marks)
  4. Flat tummy (no excuses accepted)
  5. Beautiful face with a great smile, cheerful attitude, this is a great plus, but not necessary for short term engagements if the subject meets the rest of the specifications

like this one here, what a babe…


My kind of woman is Akisa wandera and Muthoni wa mukiri fullstop

never heard of them

KTN news and inooro tv

Come to the REAL world and meet real Women …:smiley:


hehe, if I were to bumb into these ones in a polite situation, I can entertain them with beer and then run away as fast as I can masaa ikifika

Tumia your description to create your own chick …
Anaweza kuwa ako na hizo qualities zoote lakini sauti iwe ni Kama ya mwanaume

I wouldn’t mind it, plus it is unlikely, feminine features come with a feminine voice

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Muthoni nithicite maita ta kenda uguo, e murio

Rubadiri anytime

Olive barrows and ntv SAA moja anchors are my latest crushes

Whose Buffalo’s this… :p:p:p

Olive Burrows alikuwa Boma during my time. I remember her in that grey uniform like it was yesterday. Nice girl, roho safi.

Is she married?

Wacha za ovyo, ona nie nithicite Rubadiri

I hope not

Butera Knowles na generally Rwandese women.

So you were with Burrows in Boma and have been in the States for 20yrs. Does that mean that Olive ako 40s ama mazematics yangu ni mwitu?

Fugly shit

Akisa Wandera pays very little to branding and Imaging



The inoro fiasco looks good and has nice pictures