My Kenyan Kin : So much to love them for

You will never find a Kenyan hanging on a rickety boat dispatched from Tripoli headed towards Syracuse. When you do, call me so I can witness the spectacle.


You will never find a Kenyan who sells land aka Mugwanuguz aka mugundaz for 500k to use the money to go look for a better life in beat down rural provinces of Malta, to make slightly more money to get them further up to Germany, Norway or the UK 10 years later.
The Worst that Kenyans can do is work to save for future then blow the money away at Liquor dens, complain about persevering being Kenyans but a majority never entertain the idea of abandoning the country to go build other people’s countries.

Kenyans are not into peddling drugs like some of our neighbors to the south. Once in a while you’ll hear that these neighbors to the south being sentenced to lethal injection in China or Indonesia for peddling panadol pale Jakarta and Guangzhou.
Kenyans on the other hand have this mentality of Go big or Go Home. If you are to peddle panadol, do large-scale, buy a helicopter or something. Be a governor maybe, you know…coz you smalltime for long and the government catches up with you, you will become “Funzo kwa wale wenye upus kama hio

Yes, we fight once in a while, but we get in our element sooner than later. We also have our garagarias, but ni garagaria zetu. We love them. You want to have an idea of the Kenyan psyche, visit the comment section of this song :


*[I]So I heard that Museveni came back to Uhuru to discuss SGR manenos. I thought we were done with that business ? We tell this negro that we is gonna deliver, we give him the plan and budget (in which we added our Markup…Like really, if you think we won’t then you need therapy). At least we deliver. Lakini Markup lazima tueke. The negro decided to go with mapadlocks after mapadlocks told him he can deliver the same thing at half the cost. My fren, Those queers to our south are only good at hekayas. Those guys don’t go to work when it rains. They leave work at 3.00 pm. The best thing they can organize and deliver is a wedding. Anywho, Museveni got tired of their hekayas and is trying to get back in on the Madaraka thing. Uhuru should make him sign documents. If he reneges we take Mbale District in Eastern Uganda, Ghasia yeye.

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I support this 100%
mean while ssebo says


Hio ya M7 linking up with Tanzania’s SGR to spite Kenya, is not true.

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Ajali haitambui pombe. Hii nugu inadhani kifo ni ugonjwa tu?

SGR UG has only one route and it through Malaba-Tororo connecting with our own. There has never been another route on consideration through Tz. All that exists in some mind illusions. They have even already spent $5 million in land acquisition between Tororo and Kampala and that’s a lot of money in itself. Last month China Exim Bank officials toured the proposed UG route to inspect the plans. Unfortunately for UG, China Exim bank have said they will only provide the loan if Kenya signs phase 2C contract Kisumu to Malaba. Their are issues whether UG can afford the loan, their economy and internal revenue is not diverse as Kenya. CCCC has also been contracted to operate both SGR for 5 years after completion to proof it works efficiently, they settle all mistakes that may occur and train local staff before they depart.
M7 was here recently just before Christmas.

URA makes more revenue collections in Kenya than in UG. Importers and exporters pay directly to their satellite offices based in our port and border crossing sealing many loopholes. This was President Uhuru and M7 joint directive that has led them to collect more taxes and be less reliant on donors
New URA offices at Nairobi ICD. All UG cargo will be cleared here and taxes paid then they can head to Kampala.

M7 was here on invitation of President Uhuru after positive reviews by Uganda revenue authority of the collections through Kenya at the Mombasa. It keeps on increasing annually by 15%, while transport to Kampala is down to 3.5 days. With the start of SGR cargo transport to the newly modernized Kshs 22 billion Nairobi ICD, its proposed that all UG transit cargo be cleared there instead of the port. URA has already start operations at Nairobi ICD and it now reduces the transportation of cargo to 2 days. All these gains can’t be wished away and M7 who reads these reports extensively knows it better to stick to actual tangible progress than empty promises. Now both UG and Kenya await final joint meeting with China Exim Bank to determine the construction timeline of both sections simultaneously. Rwanda is also pushing to join once its signed.


Kenya is a good country to live in despite what civil society and fake media try to say.