My honest opinion on my stay in Nairobi

I was in Nairobi for 5 weeks and this is my take during that stay.

Nairobi seems quite advanced as opposed to the other hell-hole around it (that is Uganda Ethiopia and Somalia).

Nairobi has 2 worlds, one world is 10x better than some Western countries but the other is horrifically African full of dirt, running sewage and very poor looking people.

One major problem is Nairobi is full of robbers that it is called Nairobbery, even the nicest clubs aren’t safe Kenyans will steal anything given the opportunity.

Nonetheless Nairobi is awesome in terms of food, night life, AIDS, animal observing (Bantus and lions combined), but the Kenyan women are quite ugly frankly speaking.

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Hii ni nugu ya Nyamira ambayo imetembea Nairobi mara ya kwanza baada ya kumaliza KCPE. Ngoja matokeo bila kelele mingi kijana.

Nairobi is awesome in terms of food, night life, AIDS

And just how awesome is AIDS moron?

Bantus, Nilotes and Cushites are all gorgeous people. Kenya is full of such incredible diversity, it’s a wonder we don’t just stare at each other all day.

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The same content word for word is posted in this somalispot thread:
IM STARTING TO BELIEVE KOBE’s ASSERTION THAT WE GOT 68 IQ. Otherwise how can I explain this ? | Somali Spot | Forum, News, Videos

There are some cuties but the majority are ugly yes

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Many Somalis do not believe they are Africans despite evidence to the contrary; Solid evidence like the one @KING OF KUSH put up HERE the other day.

Do you honestly believe these two men are if the same race and ancestry :eek:


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Those two men have the same father. Read your DNA. In fact those two men are more closely related than either of them is to a Luo for example (or any other nilote for that matter).

The only difference is; as far back as 1974, the first man was slotted by Times Magazine among top 100 human beings likely change the world. Only five Africans made that list. The second man in the photo never made that list. True to fact, Kibaki changed Kenya in ways that the second never did his country.

No we don’t. The man on the left is a genius that cannot belong in any category with the Savage on the right.