My highschool rotation.

I have decided to take a serious roadtrip to Coast just for the sake of it. First I will tend to my regular girl hapa LD, Chela. We were in high school and campus together. Beautiful and intelligent girl and I genuinely like her. She is a college teacher now. Her sense of humor gets me each time. I screw her very hard like twice a month, shida ni ameanza kudevelop feelings.Screenshot_20230510-002024_Gallery.jpg

Then I will make a stop over in Naks where I will meet yet another high school mate of mine whom we dated for 3 years. Alinidump vile nilifika first year kimadharau kiasi akapata jamaa flani hadi wakakua engaged but planteshen is not going very well. Hapo slices hadi ntachukua tu.

I will then stop in Nairobi where I will meet another high school mate of mine. Petite, luhya chiq who is probably my favorite lay. Luhyas are so enthusiastic in bed. I used to put sweets and biscuits in her locker during lunch hours to seduce her and boy did it work. I ended up screwing her thousands if not millions of times when she was in law school. Screenshot_20230510-004323_WhatsApp.jpg

Sijasoma lakini kila talker anafaa kukula Yule mama pima mchafu aliyenyamba @uwesmake Yule masikini chokora WA kimilili. Ako na clitoris ya 15 cm kama ng’ombe


nikimaliza kutomba mama ya @PHARMACY mwenye huuza AIDS infested kuma 50 bob mlolongo, huwa hakuna ku textiana , anaenda nyumbani na kupikia mkamba akili punguani @PHARMACY maembe for supper

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This is classically how guys get HIV… screwing people you don’t see on a daily

Bro, you are still screwing girls you met in high school, umeshindwa kupata new stock or what’s up?

What makes you think that the person who you see and screw on a daily is not being screwed by another person who they don’t see on a daily?

Common sense, luo, common furking SENSE

By now inafaa ukue unamumunya soft meat, sio makukhu wamekupita na miaka. Chungana na hio baruyia sana

:smiley: Alejandro Rosario tijeras wacha kujitext. Umbwa

I’m so happy right now I didn’t get soul ties in an effin’ nondescript mixed high school

You are such a lowlife bro. Screwing old shoshos you attended high school together isn’t allowed in this kijiji. Look for young soft meat aged 18-23. You are letting us down niggar

Ndo nashangaa .jamaa hajawahi upgrade? Mimi watu i went to school na wao ata siezi waangalia twice…ni mashosho

Not exactly. Niko na hawa under 22 wawili huwa nakula but kusema kweli coomer zao hazifiki kwanza ya huyo Chela and she is 28. Her pussy is just clean as fuck hizo miaka zote nimekua nikichukua slices and still the tightest of the bunch.

:D:D Kumbavu

Is like a lesbian relationship

uyu jamaa kuna mahali ametumia emoji ya kutoa ulimi nikamtharau sana:cool:

@No one cares bruh.
We don’t care about your personal lifestyle bitch.

quit circling around your exes bro. One of them dumped you but you still give her validation by showing up for her for sloppy seconds. You need a clean break. You may believe you are winning but at the back of their minds they view you as an easy distraction and attention source