My Hallelujah Neighbor

Hello ktalkers

So theres this chruch near my house. Kabisa near near… like only a narrow road apart. Its been there since i shifted. Before it was all good. I don’t know what type pf church is it but they sing. Theres bands, drums, pianoq and more and they say hallelujah.
Now here comes the issue. Nowdays they practice at night… they turn on the mics and practice loud. Sometimes it goes till 2 or 3 am. Fri and sato practice then sunday is main day.
Their church is fully open. So believe me when i say its loud. Guests have stopped sleeping at my house.
Please i need a professional advice on what to do.
I have talked to them but the band people changes everytime… Sunday is okay for me… but why use loud volumes when practicing?? Some singers shout… especially ladies with sharp voice… paka unaskia speakers iki pasuka… aaaii… i like what they sing but wamezidi… plz help. I don’t want to cause trouble. Most of my other neighbors are old so hawa mind and dont care… i have childrens. Anyone with a good advice??


Shanty problems… Pole kaka.


one man one p*nga. pastor mmoja hana nguvu kuliko neighborhood mzima. kama atawashinda nguvu, toeni mapepo yenu hapo, nyi yi ndo mko na shida.


Since you asked for professional help, make an EMP gun and fry every electronic gadget inside that brothel. Otherwise do the obvious - move. I

You’ll have it rough working alone. Get other people in your neighbourhood and lodge a collective formal (written) complaint with NEMA, and copy to other local authorities. You can also cc the new commission meant to regulate churches. That might help.This noise nonsense is pervasive, and it’s not your problem alone. People can’t run away forever, at some point we shall have to face it, church or not.

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Interesting, how do I make one?


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Enda youtube… Make sure you make the 24v type… One that used a car’s battery… Or hire hawa mafundi wa redio to build for you… Using your specs…

Alternatively… Hire a chokora… Buy him that fence :person_fencing: cutting tool… With rubber handles… Ambia yeye a Kate hio wire ya stima usiku…

Make sure you cut it every month… They’ll get the message… Nd adjust.


He he he, got it.


have you considered violence?


Uwesmakende hama kayole uwache kutusumbua meffi


Shift again

You became a Sheikh? Kazi ni kurauka kupigia kelele na microphone then go back to fingering your wife and smelling it.

Join them

Yea i think i can do that… i already have 4 people on my side. I thought to go to county police but nema would work as well. Thanks rafiki


Its my own house. Very rarely you get to own a house in kenya when you are struggling. Hustler manenos

Hmmm second choice came very very many times on my mind… they don’t even have fence, waweza pita tu…:joy::joy: Lakini I’m afraid mara they get to know and the next thing ni war… i will be alone in that fight