My grandmother

We laid her to rest 3 weeks ago on a Saturday.
The statement which I remember my grandma for is that she always told me ; badass men are like rats each day they wake up looking for a new hole to enter.
Her words always haunt me whenever my third leg tries to control my thinking.
At undisclosed resort in machakos ,I was going there for lunch and a swim to relax.
I asked management to see the rooms incase I would wish to patronize the resort sometimes when I pass by . A young damsel is told to show me around.
And I guess Kenyans are suffering financially since I was the only patron . One room to another and it’s those located far from town.
Almost touched the damsel and remembered I didnt have a CD and the way majority of kamba girls find it difficult to keep their legs shut.
Ata number sijaichukua akianani.[ATTACH=full]379087[/ATTACH]they have a very good swimming pool properly mantained .
I am disappointed with myself .y must I always want to fuck every beautiful girl I meet like my grandma said majority of tree holders are? It takes alot of energy to control oneself .

Pole kwa msiba. The words of shosh have saved you from damnation. Yazingatie.

title na category banae…

Shimo mbaya ni ya kanyo pekee.

Kiongoss ,learn to read the content well humbwer ghaseer ,it’s about sex and vagina.

Sorry for your loss.

Vole, about the damsels I will pass it over to @Douchebag, I am pretty sure he will have some kinds words to say

Trust me that nothing would have happened. How many men do you think she shows around? Then the whole thing is well timed and any delay in leaving the room will raise the alarm… and the manager in charge will come and look for you…

Men are naturally polygamous


I blocked that motherfucker :cool: .


lakini madem wakamba wana shida.
Hii stereotype hufanya wanaume wakuwe relentless kuwa-pursue kuliko madem wengine.
Pole if you are dating or married to one.

Sorry for your loss.

Wait!,dead grandma in sex and relationship?

Kinyoss bayeye thomas acha pang’ang’a

Umetega raiya kuweka risala kwa sex,smart…i think. RIP though to nana

Wapi mbisha ya the damsel hata kama ni ya rasa tu?

Hakunaaaa the wanker was just wet dreamin, Buree kabisaaaa!