My Goats

Bado niko ushago
Last Christmas nilipoenda ushago a distant relative alinipea idea ya kununua mbuzi na kuongezea zake pamoja
Well I bought 30 goats mostly females at 3k each…total 90k.after one year zishakuwa 45…hopefully by next year zitakuwa 70…slowly am building an empire of goats:D:D
Nilichinja kamoja manze so sweeet[ATTACH=full]278475[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]278479[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]278477[/ATTACH]

Chungana na inbreeding. Exchange male goats with your neighbor’s to strengthen the gene pool otherwise you will have mbuzi hafifu hafifu(wasiwasi) vulnerable to diseases.

That must be a very kind and honest “distant relative.” Wale najua wangesema mbuzi tano wamemekuliwa na mbweha na tano wamekufa na rabies. But the truth is that amepeleka kichingio au soko akakula pesa.

can’t trust close or distant relatives.

Castrate the males, ndio zinone

Weka mbuzi chini ! … I know what you are thinking

A goat produces twice a year. 2*30=60,then add the initial stock 30 to get 90.You should be having at least 70 now.

I see what you did there :D:D

Shugulika na tilapia fish and omena wewe jaluo jinga mwenye hajatahiri

Do goats need lots of feeds? Vaccinations? Etc?

Wewe osha manyanyaste bila kutusumbuaste.

And the distant relatives honesty comes under scrutiny :cool:


Good observation @Jakihii.

Maybe there were 10 females initially.


That’s theoretically
But practically a pregnant goat takes 5 months to deliver a baby…and at least another 3 months before ipate mimba tena
Practically maybe 15 months to 18 months [1.5 years] ndo inazaa twice

You can never get a honest deal with relatives but can’t complain to he honest…Hajawai nauliza nitumie expenses na mbuzi zimeongezeka
Fair deal

They don’t. Goats are hardy creatures and can survive anywhere

Abunwasi once borrowed a big sufuria from his neighbor and when returning he added a small sufuria. He told the neighbor the sufuria had given birth. The neighbor was happy and accepted the small sufuria with a smile.

After a week, Abunwasi returned and borrowed the big sufuria again. The neighbor gladly gave him, expecting another “favor.” However, after a week, Abunwasi failed to return the big sufuria and the neighbor went to his place to demand it back.

Abunwasi told him confidently that his Sufuria had died. What gives birth also dies.

Je, your distant relative ni Abunwasi?

@Thiem tafuta zile mbuzi kubwa called senge, 2 or three. Zile kubwa goes for 10-15 k and sell off/isolate any male inazaliwa ikifika 8 months. Uone the difference in the breeding. Sahii ndio watu wamesota proper, pitia masii/makutano/ mwingi markets on Monday ul get a good deal.