My friend's kunguru wife.

I have a friend of mine who is like 5 years younger than me. We knew each other long time ago when I used to be a tenant of his father’s apartments. The guy works as a middle level employee in the civil service. He got married around 3 years ago to a young chick, a daughter of a certain businessman. He then decided to take her for further studies after the birth of the first kid. Now things are not going well for the couple. They have been having constant fights. The kunguru is drinking like fish and even posts it on social media. She is even seducing men and behaving suggestively. But the husband is still bent on treating her well despite all the drama. He even drops her to the job and picks her after work. These things are quite baffling.

Admin ! Admean ! Admeffi !

Nimekuita mara ngapi ? Endelea kusumbua kijijii ukitafta traffic ukipata tree kwa forehead usilaumu elders.

For a moment I thought am the one you are talking about

:D:D:D:D:D…tulisema a friend of mine= you …chifu kubali matokeo ya kwamba you can’t tame a wild crow na MGTOW = FREEDOM

Is your life similar to this?

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It’s not me

Ngojea @Tom Bayeye kinyozi wa ungem aletee maoni

NV nani amekupea ruhusa ya kuongea mbele ya elders?? Aya wacha nikuservie chai tukingoja utupee hekaya.
Kunywa na hiyo birika


Leta hekaya. Don’t suffer in silence

Ndio mnitusi…mniambie umeffi

Kijana wacha umefii, leta hekaya upewe mawaidha

Huku utatukanwa ushangae! Lakini, utasaidika in the same breath.

I think this is why they don’t care about men’s mental health. Because they need us to be mentally unhealthy to accept being with a woman who doesn’t actually like you but some of us accept it because we believe ourselves to be so unlovable that we accept fake relationships.

This is deep elder, but I think psychopaths live a happier life than a normal middle class man in Nairobi, ie @jontesadigaza all he does is steal from helpless victims pale kayole , then spend all his loot on those bottom of the barrel hardcore kungurus, with nose ring , bleached skin pale korogosho

Tell your friend afanye DNA then start a new life elsewhere.

Hakuna maoni jambazi sugu,its common knowledge that “my friend”=mbuuutaaa. How you doing son?

Wewe ndio unataka kuwa ng’ombe tu.
Leta hekaya

[quote=“lawnmower, post:3, topic:264547”]

For a moment I thought am the one you are talking about

Full hekaya please[/QUOTE]

Still waiting for more advice