My Friend China Saa Hii Ni Kubaya!! People Are Being Forcibly Quarantined While Cough Medicine Is Withheld To Track Down Hiding Patients

China is turning to potentially risky measures to track down more patients of a coronavirus outbreak that has killed at least 900 people. At least three Chinese cities announced in the past week that they would stop the sale of medicines for fever and cough, two of the major symptoms for the new virus, so that people will go to hospitals for treatment instead of self-medicating and staying home. Hangzhou, an eastern city of almost 10 million that is home to Alibaba and many other Chinese tech giants, announced on Friday (Feb. 7, link in Chinese) that on the advice of its coronavirus management team, all pharmacies in the city would stop selling fever and cough medications (link in Chinese) effective the next day.
A video circulating on social media shows people who had refused to self-quarantine being forcibly taken away from an apartment by local officials in the city of Kunshan, as China battles the outbreak of a deadly new virus. (Feb. 8)

si wadedi tu wote deni yetu ipotelee ivo…wapi ile clip ya mchinku akicharaza a kenyan worker?

Poor African countries will bail out china to recover whatever it is losing economically

Children are more resistant to Corona virus, tafakari hayo


this might be a good thing… if say the virus kills have the planet resources will triple for the survivors, kama black plague. after it was over an age of prosperity followed

What if uko na fever na caugh but sio the virus. Uende hosi as they want. Ukifika huko ushike hiyo virus sasa? While hungeshika if you took some meds in the house

Thats okay i believe hawa watu wanafaa kutestiwa juu the outbreak inahappen juu wasee hawatokei. Kama vile unaskia imeenda this other countries after evacuating their people. How comes haijakuja Africa?

The problem is fear that you may die, evrybody fears death. Many can’t think rationally when confronted with such a situation. What happens to those who recover? Do they become immune

The doctor who initially raised the flag on a SARS like virus was initially accused of rumour mongering and disinformation by the Chinese authorities. A lesson to those like information control