My Fren Baba Abby.

Did talkers note Baba Abby was not standing beside the President when the cabinet appointments were being announced? Methinks all is not well ama mamna gani?

Tips za leo…

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He was having a meeting with Baba

All is well until “we” make it unwell

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Legacy vs eating, the interest of the two are parallel to each other.
Anyways people say it what was coming for one Keriako Tobiko 3 years ago.


[SIZE=6]DPP Keriako Tobiko will be ‘FORCED to RESIGN’, Uhuru to REPLACE him with ‘USER Friendly’ person- says ODM MPs[/SIZE]
[li]3 years ago[/li][/ul]
Two CORD MPs have claimed the Jubilee government want to remove Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko and replace him with one they can easily manipulate.

Addressing the Press at Parliament Buildings, Suna East MP Junnet Mohammed and Ruaraka MP TJ Kajwang’ revealed the ploy is after the DPP declined to charge some of the cabinet ministers who had been suspended owing to insufficient evidence…

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Smokin Wanjala missed the reading of the Supreme court judgement to take his child to school.
William Ruto wasn’t at Uhuru’s side when the cabinet appointments were made as he had taken his child to school .
Which one is the more weighty?


But has keriako Tobiko been effective in any way? any big fish prosecutions under his watch?


He ought to be given the heritage and Culture Docket. Anything else will be rubbing it in.


that guy was the lamest duck quacking in the hallways of justice


Tren tren, don’t read much to crooked media innuendo. DP Uncle Ruto right hand man CS Charles Keter was prominent in that list of retained CS’s. Besides as much as UhuRuto has a “coalition” agreement this is President Uhuru cabinet and administration. DP doesn’t need to be constantly by his side to effect changes they already have agreed.


But the same Ruto would fail to attend burial of his own blood brother. Talk of weghty issues

When they did it in 2013 they were called socialites, and accused of copying US president in white shirt with folded sleeves.
Binadamu ni wale wale and you can’t appease a person looking forward to benefit from your failures.


Are you crazy? that tobikoguy should have been fired years ago.

And truth be told Matiang’i’s job as security Minister is the same job his P.S secretary does. If you ask the County commissioner bado anafanya kazi hio hio ya matiang’i. The same applies to the D.O., the chief, the sub-chief… they all do the very same job Matiang’i claims to do.
Even your M.P. provides security or so he claims.

But the real person who actually does the job, the police officer, hana nyumba. hana ofisi. salary ni shida. Kenya for you.

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Ruto was at statehouse at around noon

A part from Keriako I think Uhuru cares about his legacy, about WSR I don’t give a fuck if he is shafted right away.

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Alikua TBC akinunua books za Abby

dp will also name the remaining cabinet

Kenyans have to find something to bitch about.


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