google it
people say it is sporty
costs 1.2M max

…the guy was just trying to tell you that the Juke is a Nissan model,not a Toyota. :smiley:

Gathee. YOU are the sponsor. :D:D:D:D

It is not about how old you are, it is about how old you look. 105kg of pure blubber and money, you definitely are a sponsor, at least that’s how they see you.

hahahaha… according to his story,the guy is in one of those village university colleges and he needs a showroom car just to get laid, what will he do when he later meets the “corporate slay queens” in Nairobi who are the real professional gold diggers used to the good life ?

He will have a very hard time and probably part with a significant part of his networth chasing pussy. A university kid or anyone below 30 for that matter doesn’t need a showroom car to pull women, especially women below 25. You have to be decent but if you find yourself needing a car, you have a big problem. The funny and sad thing hajui ameshakuwa sponsor and that is how girls his age view him.

Broke idiot lying. Weka picha.

This guy is supposedly a university kid but he seems to be pulling bitches only attracted by his money. That kind of lifestyle and thinking is not good because he will later on in life meet a whole other level of gold diggers who will leave him a pauper. He will feel like he needs a Private Jet just to impress some of these Nairobi bimbos who have made fortunes just from preying on rich men here in Kenya and abroad. :D[ATTACH=full]226513[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]226514[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]226516[/ATTACH]

Weka screenshot.
Me sijasema ivo

See anybody can change a comment

…wow,that is quite impressive coming from you, I never knew someone could edit a comment like that, you are like the modern day Einstein,you are a genius!! :smiley:

So what did you do in campus to earn that money?..

True the moment I saw “speed bikes” I knew this MOFO knows nothing about Bikes. Then in village university roads are very bad, where did you ride your bike? Kijana endelea kufantasize tuu ukimeza Jaba

me too im in pioneer college usijali forest monkey

my mzee bought me a toyota 110 when i was in my campus heydays …but ilikaa parking sana because ilikua vitabu tu.but i can tell you making that amount of money in campus its either you are a boardroom drugs connect or your took a slice off the family’s empire.

Anyone can be anything on kenyatalk.

Wet dreams. Wake up m’fker!

Congratulations, but be extremely careful. Having a lot of money while in campus landed me in a hole I have yet to climb out of.

Nakuelewa bro I was once rolling na Bill Gates and Jeff Bezolls and parting with Jay z sometimes back with Mogoka these dreams are possible

Leta hekaya

Not really. I bought my first car when still in Uni. My brother bought his in second year. No inheritance. Nowadays campus kids know how to hustle. I have seen people make big money when in campus hata kama sio wengi. Especially academic writing. Uliza mtu alikuwa na Uvocorp in say 2011-2013 when people would withdraw $8,000 in two weeks. Uliza veteran yeyote wa academic writing how campus kids killed it those days.