My fellow Kenyans don't ever kid yourselves ati you are the African super power...

:D:D:D hio ni maongo. Walvis Bay Namibia… cheki hizo nyumba…

@Purple aki ni kama U.S tu.

Bado kuna ghetto. Zile parts hawangetushow wasichome picha.

Please, Windhoek is a very tiny city, hata eldoret na Nax zimeishinda, you are comparing apples and oranges.

Runda yenu imetosha bei kama hio Runda yao hapo juu?!

I have seen the roads in Namibia, Botswana… Kenya tunapitwa pole pole chini ya maji. Those countries don’t brag. They are rising silently.

Look at the cleanliness of the city in video 2…

Nimekumbuka you reside in those areas. Are you saying Kenya bado ni top dog?


Usijali Patty. Trump loves you

Uliona vile fundi Randy kalikuwa kamewaka moto jana? :D:D:D

“That motherfather patco has to go!! F**k patco!!”

Najua tukapatana atakuja na ile nyundo ya mason. Na wewe sikukuona, niaje hukutoa maoni? Ama ulikuwa na handle B just to be safe?

Sasa sijui mtafanya nini. And chances are high Trump is winning again. Sijui kutaenda aje.

These countries are very easy to manage because of a very low population and if you didn’t know, they actually import Kenyan professionals to train their own. They are not superpowers in any sense of the word, they’re not even transport or tourism hubs, they’re just very well managed Islands of tranquility surrounded by chaos.

ata rwanda kuna esto noma sana iko on a hill

Yeah, buying voters isn’t an entirely African thing

I’m impressed. That mzee may have been a dictator and a thief but compared to akina Gathecha. Manze this is like Europe…

Trump’s mantra is simple, to just keep you liberals talking about him.

As long as you talk about Trump you won’t talk about Biden. Do you really think he didn’t know what he was doing in that photo? :smiley:

Namibia is just like Kenya but with a lower population, here the Brits own almost everything, there its the Boers and Germans who run things with little opposition from the relatively few nyeuthis. And it actually got independence from SA in the early 1990s.

Oh yeah, absolutely.
So now he has powers to create wind gusts that blow his jacket up and his tie towards his back.
Very, very impressive.

Stop saying my fellow Kenyans, just stick where you are with your residency


Hebu elezea mawaya how U.S politics works as concerns the money in Trump’s pocket. With your vast 63 years walking the earth you must know something.

Namibia only has one million people and the highest aids rate in the world