My fellow believers hii ni pepo ama ni nini

This boy had very supportive parents who could have done anything for him but he chose to do drugs and steal mobile phones. I am trying to understand the spirit behind this bcz it has cost many boys from good homes their lives.

Bad company! period

I always tell people and myself to be very careful. Sin definately hardened this boy’s heart, and the devil won. So this is the influence of the evil one. And now see where he has ended, with no chance to repent. It’s sad so sad, this saddens me deeply. For me, i learn from this, i should be in christ all the time, in His word. And live Just as God wants me to live. I pray to God that my heart may not be hardened to his word. This is how the devil works, That is why Jesus said, pray always.

Second thing. Anyone who killed the boy and those who support this are just as guilty, we must always forgive those who wrong us, we forgive all the time. Be afraid of the one who can cast both your soul and spirit to the lake of fire.

Again, one thing stands out. It pays to live in the word.

The thing shocking me is that this kid was never delinquent until after Form 4. And it is very petty crime which does not even yield much money. Some of these things I believe ni urogi. Bcz ingekuwa some serious crime with alot of money but simu? There’s a member of the extended family who sent a demon to that boy.

The demon has no power over you unless

  1. You welcome him.

  2. God permits it. (Before you get all upset with me. The book of Job is very instructive on this)

If you have no spiritual cover, like Job then God does not need to allow it.

Job was righteous. Yet God permitted it. Christians do not like the book of Job. Hehehehe…It shows that Righteousness does not buy you immunity. In fact God allows it. This is a hard truth. If being righteous does not give you cover then what does?

Could be generational. More facts needed to derive a theory.

I mean if you are unrighteous you can not be guaranteed a cover by God Yaani you are on your own, the devil can approach you without consulting God.

Generational usually starts to show in childhood this kid was a good kid till he left Form 4 plus the level of crime is very basic, snatching phones yet your parents can comfortably support you. Some sudden behavior changes are as a result of bewitching. Like your wife is a good woman then suddenly she starts drinking heavily and sleeping around with very low level people.