MY FAULT.. the obvious ending.

I knocked on his door tentatively, he opened the door. I never pictured another man’s hands on me ever, but when he put his on me, I was done for and so was my relationship.
I got what they call a proper and thorough dick down.
Suffice to say, my relationship did not last. He opened a new world to me. A world where lust ruled. I gave in because it felt unlike anything I had ever felt.
I realised that the world was like a candy shop…or a mall, considering how broad my tastes became.
I found out that just like a lollipop could have different tastes, so did men. Just like candy had numerous varieties, so did they. My intention was never to delve that deep into depravity. But what do you expect when you take a sukumawiki eating woman to a buffet?
I like it, being easy prey even to women canvassing as heteros but are really after your sinkhole.
A girlfriend once invited me for drinks. It was a female, so I drank without inhibition. I was gone. At that high where you’re creaming without stimuli and so was she as I later found out. I sucked tits for once, something I will never forget. Luckily or not depending on your opinion (which I don’t want to know) , a male friend of hers joined in and tried to get in on the action. His arrival was like a jolt to my senses. I withdrew, put my clothes on and persevered the delicious pain of my pie slowly heating up as I watched them enjoy each other’s body.
I was thrust into a candy shop by circumstances I could not control, but it’s about time I walked out of that candy shop. Maybe someday I will miss it and go back.

Mamii your inbox itajazwa na mafisi asking for threesomes …so is this is what been getting you hopelesso_Oo_O

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:smiley: I wish ingekuwa hii… ningesolve haraka tena sana…

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What’s this world upto? Bingwa puthy

Enjoy it wen u can…it doesnt last

hi Jegeni


niaje bingwa

Wapi link ya hio riba hapo juu

Hakuna link

Upussy… Nimesoma and all of a sudden I feel my msedes shrinking. Hii hekaya haijafika bajaj standards.


This kind of post is the reason I say fisis do the society a great service when they go around dishing that D out. Just imagine how many sexually frustrated women there would be if fisis did not exist to fill that gap. Many of these ladies have given up on getting a husband but the hornyness is still there. Mafisi should get more respect and recognition for their humanitarian efforts

Ufisi haiezi isha ata nini ikahappen…

Hio suspense ingekuwa worth it but story imededi ati “dick down,” maraioio topic ikachange.

:smiley: Mnajua nini yuhappen…

Define dick down! Ni nini ulifanyiwa na ni nini ulifanya? Mlifanyanaje? Mlifanyiana ama mlifanyana?

Ilikuwa mostly kufanywa(at least that fis time). . Hakuna Hekaya yoyote nimesoma hii place yeye ilifafanua that much

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Weka picha za thighs!

Mbisha or it never happened.

Hii kupayuka yote badala ufunge mdomo vile ulifunga coomer, meffi!

Go further back. Look for that series of stories by trippin balls. Yo, @trippin.ballz ,whatever happened to kanyuni?