My fall

I was falling… quickly gaining speed across the 3000 feet.This has been a really good day,I wondered.What had turned it upside down so fast?My frantic hands kept trying to pull the string to deploy the parachute.There was no response at all.Martin spotted me first,his eyes turning wild as he screamed to the tour guide,“Anthony is falling!”.The guide responded with incredible agility,taking a nose dive as he aimed to reach me."Hold out your arms!"he shouted out to me.I was too frantic,afraid that this was actually happening:my end.The guide’s face turned to dismay as he realized that I was too far.I remembered my girlfriend Ashley,who was waiting for me at the hotel.She had refused to partake in this extreme sport.After my small company had won an innovation award,we had decided to spend a little bit of the money on a group holiday at the game reserve.Here,skydiving was offered by the hotels that took advantage of the local airstrip to give their customers the thrill of extreme sports.However,my faulty parachute had decided to hasten my demise from this wonderful life which I had just tasted.I was still sampling the exotic experience,after being an orphan for the past twenty four years.

As I quickly approached the ground,I heard a whistle blown in the distance.A warning signal that something had gone wrong. I closed my eyes and spread my arms,remembering “the falling man” from the 9/11 video.Did he feel as helpless as I felt at this moment? I forced myself to think about Ashley,my anchor and the only reason I had achieved my dreams.She was a computer genius who had the looks of a supermodel.I always wondered how lucky I had been,to land upon such a combination of beauty,brains and perfection.Her face would be the last thing on my mind as I approached my early call to the afterlife.
I hit the ground.

Si mbaya.


One of my favourite tracks. I played it a lot on air several times. :slight_smile:

you fell from your bed to the ground? well thats better.
nice hekaya boss

…and booom u woke up only to realise you had soiled your pants…

Hii hekaya ni kama script ya action movie mbaya