My Fall 2

Darkness.Followed by pain.Extreme pain.Was I dead?Is this how hell felt like?My pointless musing was cut off by the distant whirr of chopper blades.What was happening to me?I blacked out again,hovering in a deep darkness of melancholic memories.I wondered if my body had been buried and this was just my spirit telling me things.However,after a long time I heard voices.A conversation by two ladies. I could tell from their voices,but I could not see them.“Everyone is shocked…”“Surviving such a fall is impossible…”“Yeah I saw the news.They had already pronounced him dead”“He’s supposed to be taken into government custody.He was raised by Dr Lichtein…”
At the mention of Dr Lichtein,I started.Why would Dr Lichtein be involved in this?Were they blaming him for adopting me as a child?Dr Lichtein was an Anglo-Saxon missionary who quit his well paying job in the German government,so as to volunteer in my country during the great virus.The K-11V virus was a mysterious disease that had wiped out all the adults in my district.The other districts had been hit hard too,but through the assistance of the volunteer doctors,a vaccine was found and a cure that made the virus dormant was found.However,the cure was termed “too strong” by the government and banned for killing some of the patients instantly. I was born with the virus,along with other 16 children from various other districts.Dr Lichtein took us in,and found a way to cure the virus without killing the patients.However,the government did not want to repeat mistakes,so K-11V cure research was banned,since having live samples of the virus was a massive risk,even in the labs.A generation of vaccinated children without the virus grew up,even as the cured ones died early,due to the toll the cure took on their bodies.However,we survived,in the enclosed compound of Erbart missionary school.We pursued academic success and scientific innovation,as we tried to rebuild our country back to its original successful state.For the 16 of us,nothing would have existed had it not been for the generosity and kindness shown to us by Dr Lichtein.
We could have died.

Is there fall 1? I wanna start from the beginning.

Me too

fall 1 sucks… poor setting and story flow