My experience in a keg pub in Nyeri town

did they pick your grammar and you cant recall it?

yaani u follow a stranger then unaona keg and u proceed to sit down and order a drink then u leave the drink unattended and go to the urinal? wewe hujui town nikusema nini?

I have never claimed to be an atheist. Please read Poem of Man God and you realize there is God

Some shit story this is. Unbelievable!

Its strange hes driving all the way to nyeri but asks for direction to a bar and agrees to be held hands by a stranger kichochoro hadi kwa den.

If it was in Kijabe nigekuelewa there are no bars but contraband haiwezi kosa somewhere.

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I have mentioned several times in this thread: lesson learnt

@karl marx anatuenjoy, unless he was asking for a kwik fix in this new place there is no fucking way a seasoned drunk can ask for directions to a pub

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Why on earth would you go asking a random chokoch to direct you to a drinking joint?
You cooked your own goose.Mwimba wa kujidunga…? (10 MARKS)

Because security starts with you.

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When will you be back to nyeri? I can’t afford to miss the opportunity.

Plus, Osungu.dll didn’t load properly. You can’t start your hekaya with “so”. It would be acceptable for @uwesmake, but not for the great @karl marx.

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How can drunken low life nincompoops who were obviously drunk at that particular time steal from a village elder with a strong following like you? Next time you are going to Nyeri contact fellow villagemates for a piece of advice.

Guys this doesn’t sound like the one & only @karl max. I think his account has been hacked or something.

  1. Karl max never mixes osungu and swahili in his narratives. His Osungu is flawless
  2. karl Max is a street wise antisocial chap and would never go about talking to strangers even in Timbuktu
  3. Karl Max posts a thread and then keeps silent. He does not respond to comments.
  4. Karl Max threads are wordy. He could have started his hekaya in Nairobi then to Thika, then to Karatina, then to Nyeri then to mathari, then to his patient, then to the pub.

I got to Nyeri town around 1 pm i only asked one guy where the hospital is and i spent around 4 hours with my friend then getting back to that town i was too fed up with loitering checking for a pub and that’s when i asked that guy. So tragic my friend passed on last night(Owiro RIP). At least we talked for the last time.
Please you guys be checking your HIV status before it’s too late

aaaai kuuliza directions to a pub? hata saa hii ukiniweka lagos Nigeria na sijawahi fika huko nitapata pub bila kuuliza sorry to say but pre-selection is real


Clinical you mean?

You deserve two hot slaps and a sweep.
I will not tell you to grow up…probably you spot the longest beards south of sahara.

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tEmbea juja utatii. nilipelekwa chochoro hadi nkashangaa eh, kumbe juja ni kubwa hivi? later nkanyanyuliwa, nlikuwa nafloat tu kwa hewa. when they’wr done with me, instead waniache niende nyaunyo zikafuata. ile mbio nilitimua hapo, ata bolt will never reach such speed in his lifetym!


Electronics if you’ve never realized, when i am quite annoyed, i use very short statements. You guys thanks for attacking me…i have never used a single lie in my life.

Pole sana for you loss bro and for the loss of your dear friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Ikiwa kwetu ocha Kuna pub siwes ingia,who do you think you are kwenda kwa shiny shiny mungiki eyes and think you can escape unscathed? Chungeni hizo tabia over Xmas. Vijana wa huko interior are dirty and shy n don’t get dry fry often. You are lucky they didn’t sodomize you. This habit is on the rise.