My Experience how prostitutes almost raped me. (copied)

This particular story is prohibited for under 18’s. It mentions body parts not supposed to be heard by under-age ears. But before I continue, let me encourage all men to join maendeleo ya wannaumme. I know that many men are reluctant to join the movement given that just last week the chairman advised men to abstain from sexual combatant for two long days.
I can however report here authoritatively that no sane man complied with that myopic directive. Telling men to ‘boycott’ conjugal communion is like telling a fish to avoid water. It is unbiological, unreligious and unconstitutional. I am straying from the real story. The reason is that I think it’s only Maendeleo ya wababa which can prevent another man from going through what I experienced.
It was on 18th Dec 2017. The date is important because it was mwezi corner, the dates where the prostitution business is at all time low. And especially in 2017 after purported crazy elections, everyone was financially impotent.

I was coming from Mombasa city of Sultan to the City of Sakaja, Nairobi. Somehow the bus I was boarding delayed on the way and it was already dead night when we reached Makindu. I should mention very quickly that I was sitting in the back seat, beside a very beautiful lady. So stunning and angelic, the kind you can be tempted to drink their urine thinking it’s pineapple flavored.
I alighted at Gragon (ama ni Grogan), okay. I was wearing my signature sharpshooter, faded jeans, and a lazy T-shirt. I had a small bag with other few clothes and a Bible. The Bible ended in my bag by mistake. The lodging I had slept at had a Bible at the table and I think God wanted me to leave with it for future references.
I was to pass through River road and walk all the way to Kitengela stage near easy coach. The streets were deserted except occasional strangers walking fast afraid of thugs. I passed the place with ‘CHANNIA bus’ booking post walking casually. It was then I heard someone whistle at me. The street was poorly lit I had to stare. I turned around and saw a lady in tight pants, her oiled thighs exposed to the dimmed lights.Before I continue I want to ensure that no underage eyes are reading this.

I stopped and asked her, “kuna nini?” Then she replied, "come twende nakufanyia bei cheap najua mwezi kona.”
I instantly thought it is those drug peddlers who want to sell to me a spoonful of raw cocaine. Soon other two girls joined from nowhere.
“Susana lazma tutashare. Customer lazma aonje variety.”

It downed to me that these were the dreaded Koinange girls who had spilled to R.Road to trade their overflowing libido. Before I could speak my first word they had already reached a consensus that I was sexually starved, they would serve me at a small fee and give me a rare package of a 3-piece sexual meal. My ever ambitious member down there had already assumed a standing ovation threatening to roll out and fetch the offer himself if I was not willing. I put my hand inside the trouser, pushed him back and whispered to him, “Tuheshimiane boss.”
One lady noticed it,“hata amesimamisha! Inakaa akona njaa kweli” They all laughed, coming closer and enclosing me. I was soon being pressed from all corners with three pairs of pointed twin towers (breasts).The warmth was immense but unexpected. It is in such scenarios when a brother dies of a heart attack.
I shook myself off. Jumped over and shouted “songeni Kando n***u nyinyi!”.
“Unatusi nani bro?” the other lady quipped. “Utakula kwa nguvu wewe. Hatutakumbebelezea utamu.” They came closer again. Soon I was being pulled towards an alley between two buildings.One of them dropped her pants almost instantly. “Utaingizia tu hapa usave doh ya lodging.kuingiza ni rwabe ukimwaga punch!” She moved closer.“Sina pesa yeyote hapa in fact, unless mnataka kupeana izi vitu zenu chafu for free” I replied arrogantly.
They looked at each other, then surged towards me. Since the beginning of the circus, I had remained cool, somehow enjoying to see how things would turn out. One of them tried to ransack my pockets. I told her off, threating to hit her. They seemed unmoved by my threats. “Kama hauna pesa utaacha trouser ama bag wewe. Tumekushikashika mwanzo hata unafaa ulipie. Iyo kukudara ni kama massage.!”
The lady without pants came closer, stretching her hand to touch me below the belt. My young bro alias Anaconda alias Hiroshima Nagasaki started raising to the occasion again. He was spoiling the deal. I felt weak. The body was almost giving in but the spirit was unconvinced.The rest came closer. One put her hands behind my eyes. Before I shook them off a hand was inside my pants, shaking my 2 ½ acre long member out of the trouser- hideout. It’s sight must have scared the naked client to the bones as she screamed and let it off. “Wololo mama yangu, iyo yote ni yako?” she screamed taking few steps back.
I had enough of their nonsense. I swerved down and rotated like a wheel. As I jumped to the feet I pulled two heads and knocked them together as they bounced off shrieking in pain.The other lady realised they were holding hostage a makemende. The other two victims of my lethal Tae Kwon Doh blow were wreathing in pain.The lucky naked girl fled off leaving her pants behind. I ran after her and caught her.“Rudisha mali yangu kwa trouser mahali uliitoa.” I ordered. She picked it up, shook it a bit in admiration and carefully put my ‘legendary affidavit’ back in the trouser. After pulling the zip up she then looked at me and smiled provocatively.“Si twende nikupee tu hao mafala ndio walikuwa wana ujinga si mimi. Hata si rwabe ni soo juu mwezi mbaya”I smiled back. I pulled her pretty face closer, brought her nearer and our lips attracted each other. She rolled her seductive eyes and pulled her tongue out to smack mine. I caressed her long hair and pulled her even closer; then unleashed a ‘Veto power’ slap which smacked her across the face and threw her out of balance as she zig-zagged on the road. The face turned red instantly.She closed her mouth with palms suppressing a scream.She gained balance few steps away and then fled like a gazelle calling her mother’s name and disappeared behind the buildings.
Off I went towards easy coach to catch late Rembo shuttle to kitengela ready to narrate to maboys the scene the following day.

efidense muhimu chokosh! pantie?

I thought ni kitu ya maana

:D:D:D:D:D saitan

Hapa ndipo fiction ilianza. Pants and exposed thighs?

Very many unanswered questions but whom am I to ask.

So in short ulipewa tatu cooomer uka kataa. Sitasema gayyyyy

Consider a carrier in fiction

Are you a programmed robot? Self-plagiarism is still plagiarism

Carrier ya baiskeli ama ya gari?

sijasoma. nangoja summary

Heheh… blew my imagination away. Creatively written. Nice one Talker, being more:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:p:p

Nice 1 but you will regret that opportunity in your old age!

Jama ame refuse ‘buy 1 get two’ pizza offer

Huyu jamaa anakuja kutuambia vile alipiga poko, shame on you.

Hakuna mtu atakupea summary

Now narrate the less fictitious part

Eti uchape poko kwa street zone yao na uende tu hivyo? Danganya toto jinga.

This is a nice composition, however, put into consideration your imaginative thought which is still below par. Kula 15 out of 40 for the attempt.

We got to agree that your hekaya is on top notch but I find it to be more of fiction than reality…

  1. You said you spotted a girl in tight pants then saw her exposed oily thighs…Nigga really?? This doesn’t make any sense

  2. You can’t beat a whore in her own turf. They are way more powerful than you are.

  3. You beat the hell out of 3 whores which can’t make any sense. 3 whores are way more powerful than you are. Once they get hold of you and your dick you will just submit and agree to their terms.

  4. Its hard to believe that you said NO to a three piece sexual meal. I mean eating 3 pussies at the same time. Hearing the prices it takes me a back that you said NO.

  5. Your hekaya has way too many plot holes.