My Ex Girlfriend now supports my MGTOW Anthem

Wandau, i have this college Girlfriend that we dated way back in campus for 3 years, it was the best moment of our lives, we ended up having a baby but after family problems, we broke up it was never easy if i can say.
We tried all means to be back together but haikuwezekana. Eventually she moved on and i moved on too, i ended up having a kid with another lady While she also moved on but after a while ended up in an abusive R/ship which did not last long. She went back to her home with my Kid, i had been supporting them all through after the break up for upkeep.

I moved on too but later did not work we parted ways with my new found lady, Hekaya for other day. I have been supportive to both of them every end month.

Lately i have been in touch with my Campus Girlfriend, First lady and she has been supporting my MGTOW Philosophy, she helps me lay some of her friends and the campus ladies while i pay her basically she is a PIMP. I like it since she also Gives me tips on ways to get easy lays … What we have is just best friends and we talk about all stuff. we agreed she does not screw my friends or close relatives and i also do the same.
Has anyone been in such a scenario and how did it go?

@M2Random aka @Azor Ahai tunajua handwriting yako

??? You really need to get a life uache kuota na mimi

Never feed ammunition to a baby mama, you might think you have it well, but beware the saying that a woman scorned

Unatafutiwa dem na ex kwa nini?

Huyo anakuekea mtego nugu hii. She wants to make sure you spend the rest of your life feeding her and her old hags. Tafuta vitu ndogo hazina brain damage

She will be a friend as long as you pay every month …once u stop she wont tolerate u…

Alafu si utupee tips on how to get easy lays pia

Punda ghasia


My bullshitometer is off the charts

Fake stories by multihandler @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii ghassia

There is clear contradiction and then there is zero logic in the story.
The story is fake

Umbwa unapewa tips on how to lay ladies but bado anakutafutia kuma? Tema hiyo jaba, jinga

Juvenile Mafwi tuckertucker ushoga thread

umbwa usinitaje tena…peasant

Turdmean unasumbua

You have one fcucked up life bro. Endelea tu ghaseer.

this is one of the ways that is making/rendering our youth jobless and broke…badala ya kusaidiana vile you can improve your livelihoods kazi ni kushughulika vile mtatombana…see your life.

:D:D i didn’t see this coming