My end year gift to MGTOW

A very interesting true crime story. Of a lady called Heidi who disappeared with her 3 week baby, she had a son of 6yrs and the baby. Her best friend Magen killed her so that she can keep the baby bcz she couldnt get pregnant herself bcz of PCOS. She pretended to be pregnant by wearing a fake pregnancy belly. Now, a man has come out to claim the baby as his, he claims that at the time he hooked up with her sexually she had briefly separated from her fiance and the dad to her kids. Now the baby is undergoing DNA test to establish paternity.

Wapi zawadi?
Lakini madame kama wewe wasalty na kichwa mbaya mnakuanga na pussy tamu ajabu

There is no video?

Wacha nilete

Account hacked!!! 1 paragraph isn’t enough ,kapantie

Ngojeni hapo kidogo tu… Namna zitaingia

Here’s the video of her disappearance and murder. Truth is stranger than fiction. A man has now emerged claiming that the baby is his.

The fiancé said to be dad to her 2 kids. A 6 yo boy and 3 wk old baby girl

I’m giving yall something you love more than pussy or your mother. Supporting material for your PROPAGANDA machine.

Man claiming that the baby is his child not the slain woman’s fiance.

The Email he sent Mox a YT True Crime Analyst

The guy live on Moxs show


Regards now we are in the same page, you realize women can be soo jealous up to the verge of killing plus having to fake pregnancy. creepy.
we appreciate your Support MGTOW forver. Merry Christmas though

LOL. What do you think about this one

Good girl , thanks for the videos,now go feed your litter of cats.