My encounter with Sugarmummys...True story

This is my story…I was in campus I met this lady in a club in Nairobi.
We were seriously drunk… so nikamdara dara…tuseme pia mafinger nilimchapa kwa dance floor.
After that alidai sex viserious …so akanipeleka kwa ndai yake…It was blue in color na ilikuwa prado.
She wanted ma mukuthima so badly right there right then.

But thank God…Ma inner voice is usually very loud…Ikanishow RUN NIGGA RUN NIGGA…AIDS IS REAL AND IT KILLS
But that voluptuous madam hakukomea hapo…She kept on calling saying she really wants to meet me. Ata akasema she can get me a house outside campus ndio mambo ikuwe rahisi. All she needs and misses badly is sweet sex.

Can u imagine…a retired 60 year old grandma telling you how she cant sleep akifiria Dick yako.Yesu!
She cant imagine feeling u get hard…n slow n slow opening up her thighs and sliding in to her marshy swamp.,then slowly and slowly making her gasp for air as you pump…Watching you harden ur buttocks as you feel her vaginal walls rub and tighten around your Dick.

However,having been brought up in a christian family I obviously said NO…besides I was surrounded by hot fresh pussy’s some even virgins (Note the sparingly use of the word SOME----yaani FEW FEW tu SANA) …I seriously miss matako ya campus.Soooooo easy, soooooo easy kupewa…Kwanza uko mwisho wa Semester… a 5 bob mandazi was waaay more than enough …

Anyway back to the story.

One day she gave me thooose long 2 hr calls…she told me amefika kwa nyumba na bwana hajafika bado!!!
Oya Oya pole…Sikuwaambia she was …is still married…with 3 kids!!!Poleni:oops::oops::oops::oops:

Kidogo kidogo nikasikia sauti ya kadame kwa backgound .Nikamuliza huyo ni nani? Ati thats ma beautiful daughter.She is on midterm.

Being genetically team mafisi…(Story to be continued)

nigga u r wasting our bundles.


@mache Tumia unLiminet

Should we have a poll to equator those people who Maliza Hekaya with “To be continued”?

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ni ya bure?

leta ekaya.kwani ni dawa

10 likes na niambie @Electronics4u apatie mtu zawadi ya equator


Wacha nimmalizie

…the fisi in me was activated we had a threesome soon bwanake akaingia ikawa foursome.

The end.


Being genetically team mafisi…

akuje amalizie .ama tulete shida

@oldmonk umenoa …The ending was more sweeter than that

I won’t read

@culture nangoja @mache anunue bundles

kosa uchekwe…hahahahahahahaha

Cheka yako yote

@Chief Chef needs more time to cook the ending. Cook on nigga

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These are now becoming more than hekayas, time we got a new name for them.
And how come most dudes claim to have had a loaded, married sugar mummy craving for sex while me, a kadinya in my own way has never had any?

@Mathaais …note the use of mummys…like as in kama watatu

NI fantasy, some of this posters need psychiatric help.

60 year old puthi? Kwani ulikuwa retirement advisor wake?