My Emotional Attachment with Employers

I am currently in the process of changing employers; I have a month since 22nd to hand over and leave.

And it got me wondering why I always feel emotional. Each time, every time.

I think what worries me is the legacy I leave. What do staff under me think of their boss? Will the new guy trash my methods of work and the systems i have put in place? What challenges will the new job offer? Will my new position throw me into an infamous limelight with a scandal? But then again I am reminded that ALLAH knows best.

It always feels like a break up.

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wish i were u, i need something fresh

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Ask for a transfer ukitafutanga.

It shows you will always be employed for the rest of your life :D:D:D but good luck in your next challenge.


Employment and business are not mutually exclusive

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They are not bro but I wish you all the best, hao unaacha watajisort it should not bother you.

Unaniita bro? Don’t you know mimi ni bingwa. Thanks though.

Hope ulianza kuwa mwanaume. On a light note


Vitu za 2016 nimesahau looking forward to 2017


Everybody here is a mbirrionea, entaprenua, manager earning Sh2.2m pm, or car collector in the ranks of the UAE ruling prince.

How did I get my life so wrong?


I am sure you are someone. You just don’t see those positives as much as you do the negatives.

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@Acoustic nilikwambia aje?

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But you are a field marshal

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Those are traits of who they call house negro. As long as your employer is letting you go so easily it should tell you how much he values you.

Woi, in these eon people are still potraying loyalty to employment? Kwa wale wamewahi fanya kwa mhindi uone mtu anapewa baiskeli na sewing machine after 20 years ndio wanajua employment ni nonsense.

God forbid watu wengine washinde jackpot, some silly managers watatandikwa two hot slaps kama wameinua same day, no notice whatsoever!!

Choma DVDs zako pole pole don’t hate on the employed… Wewe umeandikiwa biashara fanya biashara… Usijipigepige kifua ukidhani tunafurahi kumbe tunachekelea hiyo ngozi kwa dudu

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Mwanaume mwenye anafeel emotional juu ya kazi, sasa ni afadhali yesu ashuke dunia iishe

We employers really don’t give a hoot about your emotional attachment. The moment you give that notice of resignation, your value to us decreases to near zero…
We may however shed a few crocodile tears.

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eti “we employers” na the highest mtu unalipa ni 20k …hehehehe

ungeanza na “we slave traders”

then ukimalizia malizia upee @Deorro job

ok seriously, unatubebanga aje?

Like in death, what happens after you are gone shouldn’t bother you. I have quit employment in no less than six companies and you know what, I have never set foot again in all those premises. I leave and forget.

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hio jackpot utangoja mpaka upewe black mamba na sewing machine