My Daily Atheist Meme



Kill those God asks you to
- Genesis 22:2

way to stand up for the homos




its called a typo bitch shit happens

Citation will of course be needed here.
Shroud of Turin proven? How? Where? By whom? When?
Tower of Babel found? How? Where? By whom? When?
And that goes for the other crap you have there.

haha soo ignorant hii ndo turin shroud the others google siko hapa kukuspoonfeed kenye hauamini [ATTACH=full]34067[/ATTACH]

when loosing an arguement you start correcting the opponent etc etc stuff like that.proof ur existance,how you came about mr atheist na usilete apa mambo ya big bang

i am loving this idea of killing my bride if the seal is open


Your body count will be huge. (Pun)

BTW: This furker endorses serial killers.

Shroud of turin was carbon dated back to the 16 century if memory serves…it was definitely a hoax @slevyn, huff-post is the worst site to use for citing anything. They are a click-bait site.

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hii pia ni hoax? hii stuff ni verified

Niko sports day. Will counter when i get time

i would be in biblical parameters.
so i would say bring the pussies for verification bitches

What about The Onion?

The Biblical kingdoms and people probably existed. Cities have been excavated etc. Should we now believe? Well, it like telling folks 400 years from now that in the 20th-21st century there was a great man of elements called David Blaine. He levitated and put his hand fourth through glass and took shit from a store window. Now, we know him as a trickster/illusionist.

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The Onion is the gospel truth, to use that unfortunate figure of speech.

Doesn’t that just have booty?

thats for you to decide hauezi sukuma punda ikule mandazi