My Daily Atheist Meme



And that imaginary power demands that you say what you have done so that you may be forgiven. Sad enough, they already know what you verily did, but want to hear you say it.


:mad::mad::eek::eek: i feel sorry

I’ll ask for forgiveness from a person/thing I can see, like a cow and don’t ridicule me. Hehe.



Read one strory of a scientist called [SIZE=4]Blaise Pascal[/SIZE]

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so i have read,but at no point did he use his theological traditional reform to shove scientific ideas down peoples throat albeit he was religious yet he was characterised as a critique and a heretic on based reasoning ya wa catholics which to him was unsound and deceptive he denounced it as the ‘mere use of complex reasoning to justify moral laxity and all sorts of sins’. lest we forget he was following mr jensens teachings.the catholics despised him and the jensenists and burned their establishment even though writing his first major literary work on religion after ‘an intense religious vision’.Point here is,where’s the evidence in all religion per se.Pascal was a scientist who found jesus thats all,he didnt equate his statuses as a scientist and a fanatic together

You didn’t realize that he never regarded God before initially as you do. But later in life he had to come back to his sense but ofcos He met him…