My Daily Atheist Meme


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just believe God is Great

Your mother is great!

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^^^you know based on my research i have noticed that most atheists are people who were betrayed by people they trusted eg first love alikukataa , some were raped by mboch housboy at worse daddy or mommy, others wanted something prayed the hell out of it but didn’t get it, wengine wanatumia kama excuse ya kuwa homosexual so they get mad and blame god.
swali tu do you actually believe we ni product ya accident you know the whole infinite monkey theorem? your grandfather ni a single cell organism enye iliturn magically into a multicell organism then had sex with itself alafu ikakuwa a small mammal [ATTACH=full]24436[/ATTACH] wewe?

If u believe that atheists hold on to evolution theory to explain how humans came to existence then i think u should concentrate on religion… Just because we (atheists) dont have an answer yet doesnt make it that we believe in evolution or we should believe in creation boolsheet

[SIZE=7]Young man you are suffering from Dunning–Kruger effect, google it ! [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]As for daily atheist memes ! as an atheist myself I find them in bad taste my philosophy is live and let live I too was once religious and I understand where there coming from, they don’t need atheism pushed down their throats every morning , your just as annoying as any bible thumper coming to your door every morning reminding you of “eternal hell fire” ![/SIZE]


in my books religion is bullshit its just something people run to, but what i do believe is that the universe is not accident we are just like fish in bowl, yes tunaeza jua kila kitu ndani yake lakini hatutwai jua penye ilitoka and that ndio inafanya ni believe in GOD not religion

Atheist are just people with poor grasp of anything in life and unfathomable grandiose people with little achievement but would want to yap all day about it. See who lead the pack, lawyers: low iq, na domo kaya, then waga odongo of daily nation comes in(journoulists) generally if you have low I.Q you will fit in well

the real problem is that atheists cant believe in anything that cant be proven 100% but wako so sure that GOD isn’t there, kenye most hawaelewi ni that religion ni creation ya watu ndo maana utaona bible thumpers all over ripping people off. but think about it the planet iko placed perfectly ikimove just a few degrees either watu wataiva ama watafreeze angalia story ya black holes zenye zinahold entitre galaxies together and tell me kama hii yote ni makosa


agnostic is the word you’re looking for.


stop trying to insert ypur dick in your asshole.
never cared about the whitemans language and never wilk.
i wilk write it the way i feel luke until jesus my saviour comes

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Most are fags and since the religious books are against homos they join atheist since it supports their faggotr.Y

if you don’t care si basi ubonge ile inakujalisha?
anyway, typical of idiots. they hate what they use

why dont you open a online gumbaru school and teach us idiots how to write correctly grammatical english.
you are those failures whose only achievement in life is a good mastery of the queens language.
grammar never fend me even a single day and it will never will.
so you might as well try to shove yoyr dick up your asshole.
it wont fit

Watu wa grammar hunishtua sana

Most atheists are fags u say? Are u retarded or something ?? I have never supported faggotry not because an old hekaya book is against it but because i feel its against nature…

Faggots wamejazana kanisani.


fed is the word you’re looking for.