My Daily Atheist Meme


(Maybe not daily. But close enough).

Mungu alikukosea wapi atheismo

Alicheza na magiri ngûrinû zikamsomea albadiri yao

If you find yourself trying hard to prove a point, then something’s not right.

Let me ask you this @Atheismo , we have seen various cases showing some kind of evil power right here in Kenya. People eating grass, lovers getting stuck, TVs getting stuck on backs or heads etc.
We’ve also seen many cases of exorcism worldwide.
My question is this. If this ‘evil spirit’ is all around us and visible to everyone, what makes you think there’s no good spirit. After all, there has has to be two sides.

There are no evil spirits. Just gullible people getting conned by waganga and men/women of religion.

You’re wasting your kilojoules and bandwidth on @Atheismo chieth…

Recycled chieth! Bring new stuff

Mmomonyoko wa upuss.

Unaongea mbaya boss

Ni watu ndio wabaya. Wakifanya mabaya wanamlaumu shetani, a Lucifer who doesn’t exist.