My crystal balls....independent candidates

An unprecedented number of Kenyans have opted to go independent after they felt short changed in the just concluded party nominations that brought out the worst in our political kingpins. Now, here in lies the danger unheard in Kenya’s history. In areas where wananchi felt cheated by their tribal party to nominate their choice, come August, they may by and large stump their feet and hang their party to dry. And my crystal ball tells me that we shall have a significant number of them in Parliament next Sept.
The danger is, these free radicals are not tethered to any party. They are beyond party whipping. They won’t toe any line. In short, they will be mercenaries, dogs of war, assassins for hire. Available to the highest bidder. They are likely to wreck havoc in major motions and bills right from county assemblies, to the Senate and the house. Should their number tilt just high enough, they may attract other like minded money hungry members who are liberal in their parties. Then the shit will really hit the fan. Motions will pass of fail dependent on purse strings. The coming Parliament will need a speaker made of Splomonic dust and alloy of cobble stones.
Munaskia nyinyi wenzangu. The balls have spoken

@Mundu Mulosi cant relate

Most of them went independent because they were not preferred by their people. I see humiliation upon them on 8/8.

Hehehe…is it a monoballic challenge

Agreed, but quite a good number were short changed. The people are waking up…six piece is not guarantee d

Vile Ex amesema

This is indeed a monoballic challenge. Question is will it be taken up… Naona mtu akisalimiwa design ingine nilisalimiwa…

Let me ask you, how many times did jubilee whip its members into passing motions that ultimately affected us negatively or turned out to be unlawful? There is no guarantee that these parties want what’s best for anyone other than themselves. These independent candidates may in fact be our saviors. A group that will not be easily manipulated and forced by a party to help pass stupid motions. There are more sides to this issue and with no one to listen to other than the people who elected them, these candidates may be the ones to represent out interests… maybe.

Nyina, correct only to a certain extent. If Kabogo or Wanjiru Kiaganu were to try going indie, it would pan out as you say.

But in ODM areas where results were reversed overnight, and barring intimidation of the IEBC, there could be some serious upsets.

Ati “the balls have spoken”?

Monoballer cannot relate.

don’t delude yourself. do you for a moment think they are risking their millions to go fight for you?

Nope, but if they want to keep getting those millions they just might. If we can’t hope that some good can come out of elections then what the hell are we voting for? Voting in independent candidates is an excellent way of letting people know that we will not accept mediocre leaders no matter who their friends are or what party they are associated with and that is the beauty of independent candidates. Their very election sends a message to the people who lose to them and to the parties that rig primaries. It may be five years or fifty but at some point, they will learn.

Assuming you are correct in your presumptions, how is the status quo better than a free for all?

One assumption that is shaky is the reason they went independent. Apparently, wananchi did not much like their leadership. One can rightfully assume that they did not initiate development projects or results of their work was not appreciated by wananchi. But we also know they got the funding. It follows then that they only way they can afford to run independently is because they stole enough whilst in office… hence more of the same does not equate to better.

A little spanner in the works what if apart from the independent candidates tha nation goes haywire and choose a president from the independent presidential aspirants?

Ata Kabando wa Kabando aliimbiwa, going independent

Eeh, hiyo song iko youtube?

ukishindwa just give up…mi pia was beaten even if the process wasn’t fair kupata hio kiti isn’t a matter of life and death

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