He would drink cheap beer. His father was the village tough-guy (kumbaff) Never knew how to raise a son, cause his father was never there. Guy would buy alcohol from Uganda in satchets. Eventually killed himself.

Men value respect. Women value kindness. Jamaa alipata stroke. Side moja ya mwili is non-functional, kwa sababu kijana ali commit suicide. Heshimu your son. Don’t micro-manage. Jinga. Wewe sio Mungu yake. Pea kijana yako heshima yake. Be kind to your daughter. Kijana ni heshima. Msichana ni kindness. Kumbaff

Umekamuliwa mkia na mzee?

I’m guessing you must be a mountain kalenjin

Kojoa ulale


Lol I’m so confused

Am so confused

Village Amerix niaje?

Nani amekosea huyu jamaa respect hadi anachacha hivi?

Waluhya muna mambo

This here is a logical fallacy. Women are primarily designed to punish good men. Kindness showed to a woman is often times misinterpreted as weakness. Just look around.