my confession!, what is yours?

I am an old member here, though I had to create a new account for this.

Recently I was going through some old high school photos, and came across one pic that had a fellow student in it. this guy had all the demeanours of a girl. From the way he walked, the way he looked his skin tone and all that stuff. I was blown away when I first saw him. And I had a huge crush on him. to make matters worse his younger brother joined the school a year later and he was just as pretty as the older brother.

occasionally I would have dreams in which either of them would participate, and I absolutely hated it that I felt that way. Well I never actualised any of my fantasies during the four years in high school, and I avoided the duo like plague just incase shetani atokee.

If somehow the clouds had aligned themselves in red, blue and purple, I am afraid something would have happened that I would have regretted to this day.

I wonder if some of you have confessions as such? thank goodness for anonymity SIZE=1[/SIZE]

Was your school in kakamega

Kumbe wewe ni closet faggot

now delete the account, u have delivered ua confession

No, what is your confession?

Will do so in 24hrs!

Next time whenever you feel the need to share this type of bullshit kindly keep it to yourself.

mumeamua kutoka closet around the same time nyote? @introvert kuja uone

The stuff i read in this village, anyway, your sexual orientation is your choice, all i can do is call @introvert akuweke kwa gunia wiki hii as you struggle to walk out of the closet

Kuja nikukam ue kwa mkia
Calling you on behalf of @uwesmake.

Wanatoka one by one.

hii baridi inaua wazee na closets

None. I just knew some boy who acted drama in kakamega high school in 90s. He had female behaviors and most boys had a crush on him/her. My cousin used to tell me.

wueh. Jamaa wanakaa kupenda mkia aisee.

What the herro is happening in this village? Kwanza ilikuwa yule mjamaa wa hand job sasa huyu. :confused::eek:o_O

ah…hehe your Cousin. Isorait. we don’t judge over here.

Can I get that link ya hand job

Your handle is anonymous as an old villager, but still feel so ashamed of your gay fantasies that your have to look for another incognito handle for anonymity!!! Confusing right??? Jikubali tu

There was a listing pale klost about a guy who in high school used to kiss each other and give each other blowjobs. That to me tops every other confession i have seen!