My car is not starting

Hello members,I have an issue with my automatic car. It’s not starting after kufinya cut out, ikona mafuta na battery iko sawa, shida inaeza kuwa nini? Help a brother.

Jaribu kushtua ikiwa on neutral gear. Ikikataa check your starter

Obviously shida ni cut out…


Kwani gari automatic unashtua bro?

Nkifinya cut out hizo mataa zake zinawaka kwa dashboard

Uwashe ikiwa neutral. Sometimes gear ukataa kuingia parking inakula kichwa bure

Ni gari aina gani na which year?
Tampering with the electrical system ya gari, for some of these new models, can send a message to the computer that might interfere with your car working correctly.
Especially if its push to start.

Ingia hapo kwa fuse box, check them kuna moja haipitishi moto…


Ni fuse ya ignation imeungua. If it’s a Toyota, fungus bonnet…near the battery kuna fuse box. angalia the one marked ignition. Toa. funga a thin wire around it. replace fuse. piga ignition.

Try a way unaeza connect hiyo cutout direct , and uitoanishe.

Fielder New Shape 2012.

Can you hear the fuel pump running when you’re about to crank it? Is the solenoid sound clicking when you’re about to crank? If the answer is no, just call Otis the Car Guy.

Umeita @Makonika ?

How do you know yenye haipitishi moto?

these push to start cars usually are complicated one way or another

Kanyaga break halafu washa

Hard start. The last time my car had a hard start it had issues with the fuel pump. You might want to start there. Good luck.

Valid point. Some people ignore this simple trick.

Ndio gani hapa bro?