My Boyfriend, My Husband, and Me

Are you Kenyan men open minded? Lol read this isn’t my story btw…

"Rob and I were together for 12 years before we decided to open our marriage. It happened not that long after we had our last child. For most of our relationship, I’d been very focused on my career and then motherhood, without much time to think about my sex life.

Once we were done having kids, my sex drive came roaring back. We loved each other very much but we’d never been a perfect match in terms of sexual compatibility. I told him that I didn’t think our marriage was big enough for my new sexual curiosity. I wanted to explore. Rob was very receptive

he and I wanted to spend every night together and he was eating all his meals with us. So we all decided he should just move in. Rob and Mike got along well from the start, not like best friends, but they genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. If I wasn’t home they’d watch basketball or make dinner together. They wouldn’t turn to each other if they were in crisis. For that they’d turn to me. But they get along well.

Also, by the time Mike moved in with us, my relationship with Rob was loving, but it was no longer sexual. We both accepted the way our relationship had changed. Rob is also not a fundamentally jealous person. He never viewed me as his property just because we were married, or thought that marriage should give him control over who I have sex with"

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open minded, hmmm, the new term to shame men into accepting female promiscuity? why not go to mike’s house when the itch happens?

Whatever rocks their boat. Kwa raha zao. I don’t really have a say on what two idiots decide to do with their lives.

If Gikuyu was to resurrect today and see his people engaging in all manner of debauchery as they do today, what would he do?

Hii hata summary musilete.

Kusoma title imenitosha.
Hizo hekaya zingine someni nyinyi.

Niaje afande

Poa thiongo

I think, He will die again!. Ahahaha!

Huu ndio ukarimu na ustaarabu wa kitanzania…I press the like button for this thread even though sijaisoma and I don’t know what it says all.

Be humble!

Hawa career women ni pasua kichwa. Mkate aliyemaliza STD 7 au form four mradi Skye kusoma na kuandika na mmpendane.

Hahahaha I was actually waiting for this

Malaya tu ya kawaida. Kunguru…

Why and how then do you continue being called a husband when clearly you aren’t.

Read the article lol

I cunt

Hii ndio nasemanga, boy tafta dem mwenye ana Pesa kama wewe, dem akikupendea Pesa utapata shida

Good decision. It’s another load of western world bull.
spoiler: they tried explaining that shit to their 6 and 8 yr old.

You are so off the topic yani. o_O

Imagine! I wonder watu huenda kusoma article za aina hiyo wakitafuta nini…