My Boring Sober life

Guys I am 1 year Alcohol free, since then I live a very boring life. Mostly indoors in my day offs. My hunting skills also for ladies has gone down like I don’t have the confidence to lay a woman easily as previously. On the flip side I can’t say I have made some financial gains in fact there is no motivation I only depend on end month salary. Is there someone there who chose sobriety and is going through the same coz so far I envy the way guys wanapiga sherehe while mi Niko indoors na ka movie ama chai Saf

Is it a medical issue ama uliamua tu hutaki kulewa? Kama si medical related si uende ulewe, pesa ni yako, mwili ni wako. Hakuna mtu atakuchapa. Can you imagine hiyo one year @uwesmakende ametomba malaya wangapi?

You need a woman in your life, na watoto wawili.

Watamrudisha bar

Not a medical issue, a personal decision to cut on some drinking welll I achieved that but Sasa Niko tu Bana , while not at work I have nothing else to do. On my way nipe we Tusker light Warm na Baridi

For records I am Married with kids, it gets boring to be indoors on a Friday evening and kids can be annoying hadi Mpipi anasema Nimekuwa mali ngumu plus too strict and moody plus I am so dull Hii sobriety Damn!

wife is politely telling you to “toka inje ukae na wanaume wenzako” bro.

The problem is that fun activities in Kenya mostly revolve around alcohol and chasing ratchet girls in clubs, which I must admit is quite thrilling.Replacing the same is difficult, maybe you try becoming member of a club where Kuna games kama racket games,board games na vitu ka hizo.Problem is that there are not so many and available ones have low turnout.

Vuta bhangi.


Clocking almost 8 years sober. I enjoy this feeling. Una enda Choma kanyama jirudishie mwili. Tafuta skills to keep you busy.

Bruh…kumbuka nobody is coming out of this alive. What’s the point of living life kama umeboeka?? Enda ukunywe mbili ukiongea na wanaume wenzako maybe utapata ideas huko. Hata usipopata any meaningful ideas uta-recharge uweze ku-attack the next week vizuri. Hata kama ni daktari amekukataza you can still go to the club uitishe a non-alcoholic drink na nyama ukiosha macho na kufungua mawazo.

Anza kunywa pekee yako in serious establishments where a bottle goes for 300 minimum. Itakusaidia kufocus na kuwacha uchokora. You will only be drinking to feel good na sio kulewa kama mjinga. Ukikunywa beer tatu unachezea thao plus na hujakula kitu. Kununua mzinga huko is a bad rumour. Laico Regency is a good starting point. Kempinski pia ni place poa. Ama enda Ciders ya Hurlingman. Hakuna ufala ya wasee kushikania wabuy mzinga. Beer ni 400 and there is a chance unaweza kutana na wazito huko wakutolee form ya biashara. Kama bado unataka uchokora kidogo enda Rio Nairobi West but parking ni shida kidogo.

I don’t trust men lacking in any observable vice. They are pretentious and duplicitous. What is your observable vice.

Follow your heart. If you feel that staying indoors 24/7 is stressful, go out and take a few drinks RESPONSIBLY. Don’t fall into those reckless drinking gangs and don’t take hard liquor. Just a few bottles, then go home to your wife and kids early enough. Limit your outings to a maximum of three days a week.

Pitia gym and lift heavy. When you get back home you are beat and fall asleep as soon as you lay in bed to a very deep sleep.

Wake up very refreshed and if early enough you can use that time to read/study and such

Another idea is to learn diy skills. Learn how to work on a vehicle, or something like woodwork etc

Endless possibilities of things to try

That is a sign of recovery. The hole previously occupied by that downward spiral habit is now empty. Fill it with a fulfilling hobby.

Enda bar…order a non alcoholic drinks… enjoy…used to do this because watching football there is really thrilling

Nunua bike na camera.

Join a group and engage in sporting activities, mimi sijawahi party kusema ukweli, i hate noisy place, i look forward to sundays nafika uwanjani na kusakata dimba.