My apologies on the last day of the first half of the year

Today being 30/6/21, we are on the last day of the first half of the year. Tomorrow we start the next half of 2021. I hereby appeal to all and sundry to forgive me if I ever erred you. Whatever awful thing I did against you or unpleasant words I uttered against you, I seek forgiveness. May God bless you as we work hard to make this village a great one.


Chief, people say solemn things like that when they wish to die. Si bado unaintend kuwa around, ama?

Jamaa ameshikwa na masaibu kibao, Pole lakini, ni malaana za wazee wa kijiji inakukula.

I will still be around until 25/12/2095

Chifu Mbitika


Mnisamehe tafasali

Some of us had assumed that you had joined guata ndai, that shiny eyes pseudocultural renaissance group where you strangle goats to death, drink muratina from filthy cow horns, and spit saliva on your adherents while using cuss words.

I am a God-fearing Christian and I can’t join such primitive cultic groups.

To get total forgiveness, this 2nd half hapana wekelea cousin mashida zako to pass as his.

That’s fine.
But apology is rejected, for 7 reasons:

  1. You will not be missed, so it’s unnecessary
  2. KTalk is a madhouse, not a confession booth, so no one will absolve you.
  3. It is not for chiefs to show weakness. Wear your hat as commissioner with pride, or get back to being just plain Chief.
  4. You are faceless to us. We can’t tell if you are sincere, since eyes are the windows of the soul
  5. You are already offending more people by merely existing, so baring your heart is time-barred
  6. Your sins are as red as crimson, and indelible.
  7. The internet never sleeps, so those sins are here to stay.
    Prepare for chokosh war and abandon hope of forgiveness. But don’t die suddenly. @Freyja could never forgive you for making her shed tears of sorrow. Key words are, of sorrow.

Lol ! :D:D:D
I literally don’t give two fucks about chifù. Especially after he made a distasteful comment about a teenage girl on a thread which hopefully was deleted by the mods.

May Charon ferry him safely to Hades.

Sounds like you too reject his apology, so you have no tears for him. Too bad. Even Valhalla might reject him too.

Thanks my dear friend

The joke about the girl was on a light note

Umesamehewa…Mbitika ni jina ya nani kwenu?

You’re Good People…. :smiley: