My Android Phone...

android is plain stupid. iOS anytime

Here you go
App space

, hiyo pia ni issue?

“Seya”…I like that.

Wanawake mingi eeh?

Rooting is nice. But umeduplicate very many apps with similar functions which will use too much ram, fill up internal storage and bog down phone speed. Uninstall the unnecessary ones.

What Rom is that? looks clean and simple.

I read those Tor for android browsers have aren’t fully secure, the ip address can be seen especially when videos are viewed or downloaded using them. Did they solve the issue?

You had gone to the extremes of enjoying the root status. What Rom is that?

I like that look on the Xperia.

Cyanogen ama?

Wewe unaota na mimi?

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Resurrection ROM

Resurrection ROM

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Ati kuota na wewe tena???

Yeah coz I had nothing to do with this thread alafu unani jibu and I never asked you anything:D

Ooooh sorry dear hahahha yah I guess naota na wewe

she male alert

Kwani where do you stay? Naona una apps mbili za torch