My Android Phone...

You have repetitive apps which do the same thing. Get you only need one. Keep anything written pro or root, uninstall the rest. in the case of you file managers, keep root explorer, Browsers - keep 2 at most, camera app - keep 2, gallery/photoeditors - keep 1…everything else organize into folders…media, chat, browsers, etc,

wacha kudanganya dame…you just opened your terminal and opened a log file…vitisho ya nini mzee?

Most apps are in hibernation… And so I only wakeup the one I am using, I have wakeup detector and I can monitor the waking up apps… Thus I don’t mind the repetitive apps…

Why have them? what are they hibernating for? why do you need a contact remover plus? does it do something that “delete contact” doesnt? why? why? why!!!

even apps in hibernation still eat up some space. Its like having 18 pairs of slippers laid out in the sitting room. Are they useful? yes! do you need 18 pairs of slippers in the sitting room? no!!!

The contact remover was for deleting duplicates but I found it soon fake and then forgot to delete… I have frozen it for now for deletion later… Thanks… I will freez most duplicates for later use.

Am holding my phone not feelings


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hiyo HTC m8?

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no whatsup for u ha

Now down to four screens… Most junk is now gone… Thanks all.
[ATTACH=full]4969[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4970[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4971[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4972[/ATTACH]


I also dont have watsapp am not big into chatting but will try it out

[ATTACH=full]4973[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4974[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4973[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4974[/ATTACH]

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By the way, I dont know why my screenshots are such huge resolution files…Im too lazy to resize them after they are taken. Is there a way to change this on the phone settings?

Somebody likes going deep web! Have you bought any cocaine huko? or sex slaves?..i used tor for a while but it was so hard navigating.

The only downloaded apps I have are Royal Kenya Bets and Livescore

And Greenify and CCleaner

@Unicorn of coarse I use watsapp bt I hide it with my KK launcher…u may also realize I have no Menu launcher plus Settings…all hidden

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