my ancestors saved me this morning

i believed my ancestors helped me dodge a bullet today. you see, my girlfriend came over last night and this morning she started washing up my clothes after i had taken my shower. i dressed up, had my breakfast and before i could leave with my laptop in the bag i thought it would be good for her to wash the laptop bag so i left it. went to bus stop to catch a mat to work. it was at this moment my ancestors ascended from their 6 foot grave to save me. they are so caring as usual.

something ( i believe my ancestors) told me to go back and check the bag. so i walked back even though i was late. " haiya umerudi?" asked the girlfriend. “nataka kungalia bag kama kuna kitu ya job nimesahau” i replied. she went back to washing clothes as i frisked the bag. Alas! there they were! THREE!! CONDOMS!! DIFFERENT TYPES! i almost ejaculated from this relief. the fight that would have start if this were found during the washing would have sent me back to my ancestors.

i took them and put them in my pocket, said a little prayer and left. i must pour libation to thank my ancestors. i owe them.

The struggles of a fisi.

Your struggles should be how to get a car not hidding condoms from your girl



The thought of the kichapo you escaped makes your osungu 'evaporate I see.

I do not know anything else about you, but this I can say with certainty:-

You are the bitch in that relationship.

That’s nothing to scare a man that much.

Now the caretaker or watchman will hit it raw

Savage:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Enyewe people are ignorant… According to you, the dead came to speak to you?? What a pity.

And some people are too literal…they take everything at face Value…:D:D:D

Enyewe hapo ungeonwa vita. looks like your girlfriend is Fatuma Zarika vyenye unatetemeka

:D:D:D I am not laughing with you. I am laughing at you.

i don’t think so… that guy had a right to be scared… there is a hekaya of a certain colleague who travelled overseas for a job trip and smashed several hookers as is the norm. The company driver picked the guy from the airport and they entered a baesa kukata maji before apelekwe home. The driver rushed to another errand kurudi he didnt find the guy at the club and since he had the guys luggage in the car he decided kupeleka bags kwa house ya jamaa. The guy was not yet in the house so the wife took in the luggage. No sooner had the driver left bibi ashaanza Crime scene investigations za luggage… Jamaa kurudi usiku karibu anyofolewe msedes… Apparently bag ilikua na camera ya nikon worth around 300k(it had very expe lenses) ilikua na some explicit fotos the guy took with those whores… camera ilikua smashed yote yet ilikua ya kampuni… long story short the guy had to pay the company a new camera.

It’s a free country

siogpi kichapo boss, the thing is she is the main one

siogpi kichapo boss, the thing is she is the girlfriend

how do you explain that feeling i had about going back and check the bags? you may not believe it but it happens


Enyewe vile unatranslate inaonesha vile how ilitrate you are… delete uache kuji ibisha. Am only saidiaring u but nko ready kwa matusi pia