My Advice

After 10 years of sex with Lanyes, I have come to the conclusion that causal sex causes an insatiable thirst. From the days of Safaricom house to this day of Tinder, my dick has gone through almost 150 pokos. I have bought puthy in Rico, Tearoom, Goodhope, Amar, Kericho, Nyandarua, Saharan just to name a few. I even ate a poko in an abandoned kiosk in Embu :). I have visited numerous massage parlors, some great, some meh.
My lesson - The bearer of the pussy is what matters…not the ass, tits or even face - but your connection with her…shallow sex is like an usntratchable itch. I have to osha my rungu at least twice a month but I never seem to get satisfied despite having a wife. It’s very sad :confused:

You started chewing lanyes at a young age BIG UP

Kidinyi is back

niaje @Mpenda


You are very stupid nvghasia. Wacha umaraya uokoke

Toka kwa hizi thread enda pale cooking and religion

@Mpenda wachana na Malaya

. I even ate a poko in an abandoned kiosk in Embu :).
weuh… Si wewe ni Malaya Sana :D:D:D:D:D:D

can you stop tagging me in stupid posts…Do what seems good to you…I have never forced anyone here to chew a prostitute…A real man should visit a brothel twice a month. stop over-doing it coz you see us talking about pokos here…if you follow what people post on social media, you will get lost…

Pokos are good no nagging wewe ni kumwaga na kutoka I started chewing pokos in the year 2002 when narc government took power I remember I celebrated pale mlolongo with lanyes back then it was hotel connection sijui kama bado iko na mpaka sahi bado nawakula na siachi hivi karibuni

Oh yes rapcheezy

Kwani wewe ni Kibaki you keep saying “Ooooh yes, ndioooo yes oooh yes”

wacha umalaya mboss

Oh yess

[ATTACH=full]288393[/ATTACH]huyu utalipa ngapi upewe namba

Lackluster…get back here north of 300 manholes…& even then…

Same here…so how do you stay safe from catching something? Ndio usipelekee wife kakitu?

Usihau kutuletea hekaya ya some of your escapades

Chief hii tea room huwa building gani hata pia Mimi nisample