mwizi tosha

for years the dorobo fought for recognition in our laws. we got something in the constitution that was promulgated in 2010. The Minority Groups clause in the Bill of Rights mentions that the State shall put in place affirmative action programmes to ensure that minorities and marginalised groups are represented in governance. Over ten years later we have made little progress. Major communities that I l refer to as mongol hordes never wanted to relinquish monopoly on governance. They even make affirmative action a joke by only campaigning to have their women (and mostly their wives connected slayqueens) take up leadership positions reserved for minorities. Jubilee II seemed to be with us when it nominated a younglin dorobo to the senate as a representative of special interests. His death a year ago left us where we started. His replacement came from among the Bantu mongol hordes. Nevertheless we exonerate mwizi Ruto from this. It is him who in the first place made the effort to nominate a dorobo. Mwizi who has an office for marginilized communities has also promised to support all varieties of dorobo if he forms the post – august 2022 government. We are inclined to believe him and will therefore support mwizi. the mwizi tag is because he is part of the Nilotic mongol hordes and he has stressed the dorobo in times past.

Are Dorobos cushites?

dorobo come in many varieties including defunct cushite branches

Genuine concern.

Who was the late dorobo?

The late Senator Victor Prengei I think



Ole Kaparo is a Dorobo

Kama hamwezi shinda election mkae nyumbani.

no no no NO!

Raila alipea zeruzeru Mwaura kiti ya bure

Ndorobos are Ogiek, those pple misplaced during the Mau skirmishes.
Wamemezwa na wakale na wa maasai.