Mwende pastor- michael njoroge

Now that Pastor Michael Njoroge is no more. In 2011, the controversial preacher at Fire Gospel Ministries plunged into the depths of pulpit banditry when he did something that stunned the nation. Imagine he bought sex from a sex worker, then later used the same harlot as bait to sell fake miracles to his unsuspecting followers. His notoriety was well covered by NTV television, where the said call girl was told to fake a mouth deformity and then pretend that she was healed.

Yesterday, news that reached my desk aver that five days earlier, the controversial cleric divorced the planet and was hurriedly buried at dawn before the news leaked to the mainstream and social media. There were major cover-ups to keep his demise away from the public and media, when you consider how scandalous, cunning, and daring the pastor was.

What’s wrong with buying sex ? What’s wrong with parting fools with their money ? The hero should have been given a state burial

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