Mwatha 6 in Court

Six suspects linked to the death of activist Caroline Mwatha arraigned in Makadara Law Courts, detained for 14 days.

your world can go upside down in a second. One minute you are sending 7K to your bitch to go abort so that you can resume dryfry after some weeks next you are front page news for being an accomplice to manslaughter.

Now this is news.

Mobile phones will be the end of us. Am sure all of them are connected by simply communication. DCI has all their smses, calls, WhatsApps even location. Hakuna kujitoa hapa

anytime I have something important to say I say it to your ugly face


True…yesterday they recovered the phone of the jkuat student who was killed last week in gashororo…walitoa kila kitu kwa hiyo duka hadi simu ikapatikana[ATTACH=full]224778[/ATTACH]

if it involves murder simu lazima ipatikane

mwenye duka yeye kwisha, ata kama aliuziwa 500/=

Teargas lobbed at activists protesting ‘killing’ of human rights activist Caroline Mwatha outside City Mortuary

:D:D:D:Dwatu wazoee the new way of doing things au wa-adopt mbinu mpya.

Hii ni diversionary tactics ndio the west sponsors wasione huku watu ni kudinyana tu nakuabort na pesa zao.

hawa watu ni ati wanakuanga wanajua the killers lakini wanakuwa compromised investigation inakanyagiliwa

hehe atatoa all his business accomplices

wamekawia sana bila kuwa na issues so donor hatoboki

meaning that DCI did their homework before actually issuing a statement to that effect

These louts are now disoriented after facts scuttled their theories.

But people still make the same mistakes. Tuliona vile Obado alikuwa linked to Sharons demise. Na watu bado wanatumia simu kufanya vituko.

Human rights activist seeking abortion SMH

that is good work by the police.
Hizo vinyangarika zipatikane. mzee amejitolea kulea mtoto wake hadi University then you stab her because of a phone???