Mwangi wa Iria, nakuonea 18...

Mwangi behaving as if birthday ni yake… Mpaka analipa magari zisafirishe watu kwa party… Think of it, he is not interested with Uhuru’s re@election bid… He is making a statement to Ruto, its like a female peackcock inviting a male one to woe it …he want Ruto to court him for 2022 as his deputy since he has already done his two terms…

beyond murang’a he is a non entity


Ajafikisha mboga. Can he campaign in all 47 counties and get votes. So far he is doing well in Muranga and maybe the region but DP position is a Mich bigger shoe.

Do governors have a fixed term?

Yes… Two terms… Joho and akina mutua are done

Best news ever, especially with sultana hoho

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Kikuyus need to have a rest now, atleast have a meru, mbeere or maasai this time. Mwangi can get another post in govt


A KIUK and I second



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Reaed chapter 11. Article 180 (7)A …

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Si uko na jokes

I support you… Alfred ama kindiki can do… Tunai pia ni binadamu… Ama achukue Nanok

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Unamwonea 18 ka nani? manager wa funda? Acha kutujazia server na umeffi

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For me Tuju.

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DP Uncle Ruto running mate has to be younger than him. He is the designated future President and just like UhuRuto they have to be a generational apart in age.

Chifu wa muchatha enda ukapange line ya food ya msaada ama watu walale njaa kwako

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For me Alfred mutua. Or Ken Lusaka

The only unfortunate thing about the generational gap is that there is no such kind man right now or in future.

Ken Lusaka or my favourite Super Senator Sakaja

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