Mwalimu Dida truths

Mwalimu Dida is not far from the truth

Mwalimu Dida claims that our education isn’t helping many people because they keep making stupid mistakes.


Raila is not getting anywhere.

i would never vote for dida. kenya is bad enough without turning it into somalia. They are mild as they seek power. then bang! sharia and open borders for non-kaffirs

Leta hekaya hapo kwa “bang”

so who is he voting for? The conversation of calling people who choose to vote for ruto idiots while they themselves are not saying whom they will vote for so everybody can have a discussion is in itself stupid.

Most people choose to stay at home which is even dumber than voting for dida himself.

Dida ni human trafficker, those documentaries on CNN are about people like him.

Men. Enyewe akuna kitu hufanya wasee wawe wajinga kama politics. I’ll be following from the sidelines sitaki niambukizwe hii upumbafu. Ona venye uyu mshienzi ako juu yangu anareason.

wakikuyu munanishangaza if every SANE , MORAL, STRAIGHT people have warned you about Ruto being a straight up THUG and ROBBER and what his presidency portends you still sleep with the devil, open your eyes . RUTOS PEERS , people who have been in his cycles have said the man is a killer but bado munajifanya blind ?

Dida has a point. How did someone like Ruto become popular in the first place?

You saw the big crowd that he pulled yesterday in Githurai. In an ideal world, a politician like Ruto shouldn’t be able to pull such a crowd.

But when you’re dealing with low IQ bonobos, anything goes.

How can voters be so dumb that they believe whatever nonsense is spewed by such politicians?

What’s even more surprising, I have seen high educated folks who still think Ruto will be the best president this Kenya has ever had.

Some Kenyans have even gone for studies in the best universities abroad, but they still shout “Ruto 2022”.

Sane and moral = njaruo na mbaruya.
bure nyamaza wewe ngombe.

They’ll boldly tell you he is a lesser/better devil. Then you wonder.

Stop stereotyping ghaseer.
It’s not only kiuks who support him. Other including luhyas do.
Anyway I agree with your other part mdau.

We always boast that kenyans are educated and enlightened. Kenyan literacy rate is estimated to be 85%. Why then are we excited by such characters like Luto ?

who are you voting for? Tuanzie hapo

Babu owino, Obado, Joho na akina Didmus walichaguliwa na wakikuyu?

he is talking about kina @ChifuMbitika @Motokubwa @Electronics4u ,educated fellas who have chosen to vote for tainted persons because they have no better option