Mwalimu Alisema Kama Mbaya Mbaya

Riley (teacher) asked the student to leave because he did not have proper uniform on. The teen refused and proceeded to insult the teacher, students said. The 14-year-old student boy can be heard using profanity and a racial slur, and can be seen hurling a basketball at Riley.


A spokesperson for the D.A.’s office said a motion was filed on Monday to drop a misdemeanor corporal injury charge against Riley and the court granted it.

The decision to dismiss the case was based on a number of factors, including Riley not having a prior criminal record and not getting into any trouble after the altercation.
The prosecutor also took into consideration “the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident,” Riley’s age, his completion of a 10-week anger management course and his being forced into early retirement from his job.

Stupid student

If a student disobeys you in class whether alone or Infront of other students…take your books and leave immediately.Report to the principal and take leave of that class till the issue is sorted.This applies only in public schools.In private schools kunja mkia polepole Ili usimwage unga.

Cameraman knew his work


Here in Ke I will slap the headlights out of you then I walk away. You have to knock sense into some students. Hiyo ujinga ya taking your books and walking away achia wazungu. We black people give a whooping first and talk later.

Pale university mambo iko poa. ukiwa disrespected u take note and depart from the matter completely, never to bring it up again. Then set an exam with each question testing the convergence of compound ideas (students have this way of thinking straight. If today the subject is about the structure of proteins, then three weeks to come the laboratory determination of protein concentration halafu two weeks later the manifestation of protein deficiency in diet, most students can’t marry these ideas together. So it you test them in the same question none will unravel it. Especially under SAQ or LAQ) Such an exam no one passes. During moderation the faculty member will okay it even if it appears difficult to them so as not to appear stupid. So you will fail or pass any student as you wish. If they order a remark they will still fail.